Workshops 2023

Cowboy Way Jubilee
Workshops and Demonstrations

Scroll down to browse the various Workshops and Demonstrations planned for the Cowboy Way Jubilee. When there is a fee for a workshop, that money goes directly to the workshop coach/instructor for their time, trouble, and/or supplies. Times listed are estimates—depending on the number of participants it may take a bit longer or go a bit faster.
Also, please note several of our Cowboy Way Crossroads Vendors will be doing demonstrations at their respective booths. Stop by and visit with them, ask questions, and please support them when you are able. It’s a whole lot of work for them, too.

Workshops will be held throughout the Fort facilities and some will be on the Parade Grounds.
Check your schedule once you arrive at the Cowboy Way Jubilee to verify times and locations. (Changes may occur between now and the actual event.) Please allow yourself extra time to arrive at the workshops as the Fort is a very big place! Instructions will be begin on time whether you’re there or not. We hope you find these to be fun and educational. Please do send in your suggestions for future workshops.

To Sign up for Workshops—

Send an email to with “Workshops” in the subject.
List the workshop(s) and how many are signing up with you. Or simply sign up at the Registration table when you arrive.

You will PAY the Workshop Leader @ the Time of the Workshop! Bring Cash!

Roping Clinic with Award-Winning Cowboys:
  Shelby Bond, Denis LeHane, and Billy O’Neil

30 mins. $15/person, $5 under age 15
(*Bring your own lariat)

Join Pro Rodeo’ers for a roping clinic to receive one on one help with the groundwork and fundamentals of roping. At each clinic, 10-20 participants work directly with the instructor. Spectators are encouraged to watch the event. The focus is on safety and getting the basics down. Remember to bring your own Lariat—that’s a specialized rope (not any old rope will do! We will try to have a few on hand to borrow). Try Orsheln’s, Tractor Supply, or search for “Lariat Rope” online. An 18 to 20 foot is good to start. No longer than 30 feet please!


Easy 1st Timer’s Beginning Harmonica & History
  with Dale “Sourdough” Myres

60 mins. $15/person (Harmonica included) OR $35/person includes harmonica and book

The ten-hole, twenty note harmonica (aka harp) is perhaps one of the most uncomplicated musical instruments in the modern world to play. It may look and sound like an intimating little instrument but, really isn’t. Dale will be able to uncloak it’s simple mysteries and show you how to handle your harp with your hands and few basic songs.
However, I’m getting the cart before the horse. There will a very brief history about the harp, from its humble beginnings to where it is today. From there, we become familiar with your course furnished 10-hole harmonica. There is a beginners book that will be for sale the Harmonica Primer Book for Beginners with Video and Audio Access if you wish to buy, that it will explain and show you good information. But you will only get better if you practice.
Next, we will go over learning the basic scale, once you get that down, most everything will come to you much easier. Then, on to basic songs most of us know, like Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and a few others. I know it sounds a little corny but that’s what I started on and some of the greats in music started the same way, playing very basic tunes.
I can show you some tricks I have picked up by myself and from other Harp performers. A great way to learn is by watching the best Harp players crank down on their contraptions, look on You Tube, there are multitudes to learn from but more on that later. But a word of caution, some of them who claim to show you how to play your harp, they even confuse me.
There are so many types of harmonicas and they all have their place in the industry. I will bring along the ones I have to show you examples. Plus give some ideas of what you can accomplish with that simple little ten-hole harp. Here’s a tip the Ol’ Dough; Blues is the easiest type of harp playing there is, no kidding!
So, come one, come all to the fascinating world of harmonica playing where you too, will leave a performer!
Dale “Sourdough” Myres has been playing harmonicas since the age of eleven. Along the years he bought more expensive harps and taught himself types and styles of harp music he heard from records. Over time and learning other music instruments, he became a second-tier professional performer known as “Sourdough Myres Edutainer Extraordinaire”. He was in the Texas Touring Artist Program for six years with his living history camp setup and songs of the 1800’s with the history to go with the music. Also, a member of the Cow Town Opry off and on since 2000.

Learn to Yodel with Buck Helton

60 mins. $10/person, $5/child (15 & under)

Buck Helton is probably the only Cowboy Singer ever to have been awarded a medal by a 3-star General for Meritorious Yodeling! And he’ll show you how to do it! Devon Dawson, “Jessie, the Yodeling Cowgirl” of Toy Story 2 fame says, “Anyone can yodel.” And we agree! Not only that, it’s Fun!



Guitar Fundamentals with Kristyn Harris

45 mins $10 adults, $5 children

Join Award winning performer Kristyn Harris for the basics of guitar playing. Chords, tips, kinds of guitars and more. For beginners — basic parts of the guitar, how to hold the guitar, the names of the strings, how to tune your guitar and how to care for it. And for more advanced how to amp up your skills.


Songwriting with Buck Helton

30 mins $10 per person

Ever started humming a tune you weren’t sure where it came from? Have you ever listened to a song on the radio and said “I could do that.” Well, here’s your chance to learn how. Old time Country Music Hall of Fame member Buck Helton has written songs recorded by Grand Ole Opry star George Hamilton IV and many others. Come learn to craft lyrics, Melody, basic arrangements and more!



The McChristian Collection with Cory Robinson,
Curator, Ft. Concho

30 mins. no charge

Learn about the U.S. Calvary of the mid- to late 1800s. The uniforms, gear, and weapons with Fort Concho’s Curator of Collections, Cory Robinson. He shares the recently acquired and exquisite McChristian Collection — formerly one of the foremost private collections of cavalry objects.



Meet Daisy Wettermark, a historic skit
with Linda Thorsen Bond

45 mins. $10 per person

When Daisy Sutton married Col. Benjamin Wettermark, he was mayor and president of the biggest bank in Nacogdoches, Texas. In 1903, he robbed his own bank and left his wife, his children and his mansion behind and became the most wanted man in the U.S. Linda Thorsen Bond, author of the historic novel Saving the Oldest Town in Texas, takes audiences back to the turn of the century with the true story of the woman left behind.


Designing a Western: From Concept to Camera

45 mins. no charge

It’s about the Costumes Y’all!

Michael Boyd presents how a Costume Designer goes about clothing a Western film. The discussion shows the process of starting with the script, with the director and the concept of the project. Then, talk turns to the importance of doing one’s homework the research is the most important aspect: getting the time frame of the piece, the type of clothing they wore at that time, the region in which the story is set are all important things to consider. By careful research, the costume designer will be successful in conveying their vision to the director, actors and even the producers. If the actors embrace the designer’s vision, it will help them “want” to wear what is presented to them as a costume. Audiences can tell when an actor isn’t comfortable “in their skin.” The next step is amassing the right group to implement the vision — setting up a tailor shop, an aging, and a dyeing shop. Finally, the day to day of shooting, what it entails and how the final product turns out. Mr. Boyd will hold a Q & A segment at the end of the workshop.


Gun Safety Protocol with Oren Truitt

30 mins. no charge, children require guardian permission

Non-shooting course that teaches students the basic knowledge and skill related to firearms in general. Oren explains the attitude necessary for the safe handling and storage of firearms/ammunition in the home.

Historic Guns with Oren Truitt

45 mins no charge

Examine authentic 1800s firearms up close! Oren Truitt, History Teacher, Curator, and Firearms Instructor shares some of his in-depth knowledge of guns used throughout history and Hollywood. All ages are welcome (we recommend ages 10 and up), no ammunition will be present.

Basic Animal Care with Leslie Marshall, Ft. Concho Living Stable

30 mins no charge

What are the basic needs for livestock? How do you know what to feed and do they always eat the same thing? What about grooming? How do you wash a horse? Leslie provides historic information and answers your questions regarding livestock, barn management, and more.

Meet the Mules with Leslie Marshall, Ft. Concho Living Stables Manager

30 mins no charge

What is a mule anyhow? How did they come about? Why does Fort Concho have three mules? And, how were they used by the U.S. Cavalry? Leslie Marshall, Barn Manager for Fort Concho’s Living Stables introduces Barney, Betty, and Mack to Jubilee attendees. And the Peaceful Donkey Rescue will also be on-site with their mini’s!

Saddle Up
(Various trainers)

30 mins (a horse, that is) $10 per person

It’s a cinch to saddle a horse! (pun intended) Learn general equine care and how to saddle a horse in this workshop lead by Rancher, Singer, Songwriter, Performer Kristyn Harris, Leslie Marshall, Living History Stables Manager, and some of our rodeo fellas. Workshop participants get hands on experience with a real live (very patient) horse.
Horses are pretty smart creatures. Find out what makes them tick, what they like and dislike, and how it varies from horse to horse, just like people. Learn horseback riding theory — mounting, rein handling, guiding, and the all important, stopping.

Beginning Clay Sculpting with Ann Ayres, Bronze Artist

60 mins $10 per person, ages 7 to adult (cost is for kit)

Focusing on sculpting what you see as well as creative idea development. Learn basic scuplting techniques. Hands on, with scuplting tools and techniques explained. Limited eight per class.


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Acting But Were Afraid to Ask with Gary Clarke

45 mins $10 per person

What do you need to know to be a great actor? What are the big no-no’s? Do I need to change ___ (fill in the blank)? Do all characters need a back story? What are the drawbacks to acting? What’s the best ___ (fill in the blank)?
You have Questions! Ask, and Gary will answer! 45 minutes of detailed instruction. Gain more confidence. Become an insider. Oh, and remember, this is supposed to be fun! With Gary Clarke as the instructor, how could it not be?

How To Support Your Favorite Artist with T.C. Miller, Author

30 mins $5 per person or $5 discount on any book by T.C. Miller

You’ve watched them perform on stage, on television, and in the movies. You love their work, and you’re one of their biggest fans. It’s obvious they’ve worked hard at their craft and are dedicated to their profession. So how do you return the favor?
I’ll give you a step-by-step plan in my hour-long session at the 2020 Cowboy Way Jubilee in San Angelo. There are more ways than ever before to show your love, (including being there in person to shake hands, hug them, and get a picture.)



MYO* Leather Key Fob with Donna Wilmeth

60 mins $10 per person (includes kit)

Try your hand at beginning leather working. Will the bug bite? Probably! Make / embellish a leather key fob or luggage tag to take home or give as a gift. Learn the basic tools and techniques.
*MYO = make your own




Voice Overs A-B-Cs with Kathy Garver

Kathy Garver

30 mins $10 per person

Well…everybody has heard a voice over at one time or another. There are three main categories of voice overs: Character voices, Movie narration, and Commercial Advertising. Veteran actor Kathy Garver walks you through the labyrinth to make sense of this lucrative business.




What’s it Take to be a Rodeo Clown?
with Daryl “Table Legs” Knight

30 mins $5 per person, $1 per child (to cover make up expenses)

Do you have what it takes to be a Rodeo Clown? It’s more than just guts and funny clothes. Get hot tips and a word or two of caution from former Rodeo Clown Daryl “Table Legs” Knight. And you get to play with make up a bit too!


Whip It Up with Cicso /Tonto (aka John Phipps)

15 mins $10 per person, $5 per child, permission required

Join John Phipps in learning to crack a bullwhip! AKA“Tonto” or “Cisco”, John was tutored by old masters of the whip, teachers to the stars. Each student in the workshop gets 1 on 1 instruction in how to hold a whip, how to draw it back, and bring it forward to snap. Real time practice is also allowed. Phipps discusses the physics of how a whip works, and why you need to move in just the right way. Without proper instruction, one can really get cut up by that flying strip of leather!
If you have your own whip already, bring it along. There will also be vendors selling whips. It is recommended beginners start with the shorter whips (6–8˝). Beginning with a 20+ foot long whip can be quite painful and discouraging.

Concho Cowboy Company Historical Re-enactors

Concho Cowboy Company

30–45 mins No charge — tips welcome, all ages welcome

Come watch these dedicated amateurs shoot it out! Stand back though — their guns may “only” shoot blanks but a blank can knock over a tin can at 25 feet!  All re-enactments will take place on the South Side of the Quarter Master’s Building (the 1 with Art & Celebs). Do let your little ones know its going to get really noisy for a few minutes. But it’s all in good fun, no one really gets hurt, it’s all just pretend.

Open to all ages and free of charge. (There will be a donation can, please feed it, these guys are doing this completely on their own dime!)

The Concho Cowboy Company Re-Enactment 2023 Schedule

Friday, September 29  1pm

Saturday, September 30  10am

Sunday October 1  3pm





Workshops Schedules to be Available here by July 31st.