New Layout for 2019!

For those of you who attended the 2018 Cowboy Way MayFest, we heard you!
“Lines are too long”

“We got sunburned”

“It was hard to stand that long”

2019 Cowboy Way Jubilee Event Venue Site Map

SO, we’ve FIXED this! The building that housed the celebrities was simply too small for the crowd. For 2019 the Celebrity tables have been moved to the Pavilion (replacing the music at that location). It’s much more spacious and will be easier to browse. IF there is a line, it will be under roof so no sun issues.

One celebrity, Robert Fuller, will be housed in the MarketPlace building. A whole half of that building has been allocated for the Fandom to have plenty of room.

For 2019 the Q & A Sessions will be held in a Tent located in the concrete alleyway between Mill Street Garage with it’s adjacent building and the MarketPlace building.It will be covered overhead and on two sides only the ends will be open. And there will be a dedicated PA system for the  Q & As as well. Since the Garage was so crowded, the Q & A sessions ended up being in the open for 2018. We agree, that didn’t work well at all. SO, we’ve FIXED this! We have scheduled as many Q & As as the event time allows. The other option is to add a day for 2020, if that’s what you want!

The Mill Street Garage is the perfect size for Julie & Bob Ream’s History Meets Hollywood Film Festival! They’ll show 1 of the versions of Stagecoach each day — 1939 on Friday, 1966 on Saturday, and 1986 on Sunday. There will be a special afternoon showing that we aren’t QUITE ready to announce, look for it soon though! And of course some of your favorite old Westerns — films and television, will be shown as well. Schedule will be posted “early April.”

But what about the MUSIC? We haven’t forgotten our core event! It’s so important we’re bringing in a large tent just for concerts and poetry! Seats about 150 comfortably with room for the performers and look-a-likes to peddle their wares. Be sure to support them, they do this out of pure love for Westerns, Cowboys, and the Music.

Hungry? The food trucks will be back with a couple of additions — Casa Romo Mexican Cociña will have a food tent. 2 Cajun’s food truck will be back along with their BBQ trailer, Yum! Plus Kona Ice will have shaved ice to cool you off, Lulu the Clown is bringing hot dogs, cotton candy, and lemonade. Local Boys & Girls Club, and the Boy & Girl Scouts will have beverages…well you get the gist. These will be located at the same location as last year, right next to Mill Street Garage. Be sure to have your wrist band to get back into the paid area of the venue.

Bring the Grandkids! We have so much planned for the kids this year! Bounce houses (one for the toddlers and one for the bigger kids so no one gets crushed), games, demonstrations, and animals! We call this the Kids’ Korral and it is located on the blacktop parking lot that locals call “Paradise Alley Parking Lot”. That’s because the alley between it the the buildings on Main Street is called “Paradise Alley” (though, honestly, it is anything but)!

Note, the animals will be located in the grassy area on the East side of the Venue between the buildings along Caddo Street and the Paradise Alley Parking Lot. Look for the Gypsy Vanner horses! The breeder, Rod & Gun Club Stables, is the proud owner of the Grand National Champion Gypsy Vanner for 2019! Thank you Samantha Hull-Crook for bringing your beautiful babies to our event!

5 thoughts on “New Layout for 2019!

  1. What an improvement! Looks like it will be easy to get around and more handicapped parking available. I am really looking forward to coming this year.

  2. Thank you so much! Our Western hero’s deserve to be showcased in the BEST space possible. Looking forward to see all the changes, and all of you!
    Thanks again for the good news update!

  3. I am not very happy with this set-up. I have already pre-registered and paid the fees to attend. I did not have a clue that it would be outside and I cannot take the heat! I am shocked that they would plan an event outside that will attract older people. I can no longer stand for long periods of time and plan on bringing my walker; but if the place is crowded, it will be very difficult to get around with a walker or a scooter. Who planned this.

    1. We are so sorry to hear you are unhappy. This is not simply a meet and greet with Celebrities, that is one aspect of the event. And they are in a quite protected area, you should be able to get around fine. We do recommend those who are concerned to bring their walkers. It is a smooth concrete floor; the only asphalt is in the Kids’ Korral and Vendor area. It has been clearly posted on the website this is a “rain or shine” event all year long, that would naturally indicate that it is not all-indoors. The event maps have been posted for quite some time on the website as well. Again we are sorry, we strive to capture a Real Cowboy Way environment.

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