Movie Pre-Release Showing at the 2019 Cowboy Way Jubilee

We are pleased to announce More exciting news for the 2019 Cowboy Way Jubilee!

As part of the Jubilee, we are bringing in Julie & Bob Ream’s History Meets Hollywood Film Festival. And they have just announced that Wayne Shipley, the Director/Producer for the 2019 movie, Bill Tilghman and The Outlaws has agreed to attend three screenings of the movie during this event! Wayne will be sharing his experiences on set, and assisting in the previews of the new Western. All screenings will be followed by filmed interviews and a Q & A with the stars from the film that are attending. They include Johnny Crawford — William S. Hart, Robert Carradine — Frank James, and Don Collier — Red.

This film is Family Friendly — bring the kids and grandkids, they’ll enjoy it, too!

Tickets for the screenings are $10 in addition to admittance to the 2019 Cowboy Way Jubilee and may be purchased at Registration upon arrival. Seating is limited. To register to attend the Jubilee:


Johnny Crawford as William S. Hart
Wayne Shipley, Director/Producer
Robert Carradine as Frank James
Don Collier as Red (brown coat @ Wagon) To his right is John Buttram as Boyd. (John is the nephew of actor Pat Buttram, Gene Autry’s sidekick and Mr. Haney of Green Acres to the younger set.

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