Fort Concho is the Site of the 2020 Cowboy Way Jubilee

Fort Concho/San Angelo

Leslei Fisher and the Cowboy Way Jubilee are excited to announce that the 2020 Cowboy Way Jubilee will be held at Fort Concho, a National Historic Landmark, in Downtown San Angelo, Texas! (see We’ll be in the Commissary, Barracks 6, and the Quartermaster’s buildings plus have full use of the Parade Grounds! What could be more perfect than air conditioned 1867 buildings with parking for 1,500!?

The San Angelo Visitors and Convention Bureau has agreed to sponsor the Jubilee and is creating a 3-day tour of the area’s attractions as an “add-on” experience for those of you who wish to make this a real vacation! We’ll be announcing that in the next week! See for all the many wonderful things to see and do in and around San Angelo.

AND We are awaiting a Group Number from American Airlines, as you may fly directly into San Angelo! No two-hour drive required! American has daily flights from DFW to SJT (San Angelo Regional Airport Mathis Field). Check out for the group number and other travel information.

Hotel Group Rates have been arranged at 4 San Angelo hotels (2 within minutes of Ft. Concho). These are listed on the Registration Form (now on our website, ). The website has been updated with lots of information about San Angelo as well. We’ll have all the current celebrity and performer information up this week so keep checking back! NOTE the changes in pricing! If you register By December 1st, it will cost a few dollars LESS than last year! After March 1st the rates go up again so it is to your advantage to register in advance. (It helps us keep the prices down, too).

PLEASE read page before inundating us with questions! J We LOVE that you’re excited, we are, too! We’ve worked hard to try to anticipate your needs so do us the honor of reading before asking! We are delighted to clarify or answer questions we haven’t thought of yet! (There’s also an updated Banquet page with the information we know at this time.)

We are soo looking forward to seeing each of you again! And to the new folks, we can’t wait to meet you in person! Leslei has a hug awaiting each of all y’all! See you in late April!

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