Is there an entrance fee? 
Yes, there is an entrance fee, no a reservation is not required. You just missed the reduced rates for advanced registration. However if you pick up a discount coupon from a downtown Ardmore business you’ll still get that rate!
How do I register?
At this date, print out a registration form, fill it out, make out your check to ‘Useful Art” and have it all ready when you arrive at registration on Saturday. You’ll get through registration quickly that way.
Where do I register?
Registration is located on the Broadway side of the Market Place on Broadway Pavilion, 106 E. Broadway, Ardmore, OK 73401. The building has “Market Place” on it, go to the double doors underneath!
When does Registration Open?
Registration opens 8am each day and is open all day.
Where is Will Call to pick up Tickets?
At Registration–registration is located on the Broadway side of the Market Place on Broadway Pavilion, 106 E. Broadway, Ardmore, OK 73401. The building has “Market Place” on it, go to the double doors underneath!

When will the Celebrities be there?
The festivities begin at 9am each day. The celebrities will be present 10-4 on Friday and on Saturday and 10-3 on Sunday (event closes at 3pm on sunday). But we have plenty of other activities to fill the rest of your day.
Can I actually meet and talk with the Celebrities?
Yes, of course, that is the whole point! They will be selling photos, autographs, etc…if it is crowded, respect others and move on quickly, you can come back when things slow up a bit.
How much are photos/autographs?
It depends on the Celebrity. Please do support them, they come in order to make a bit of pocket change, they are not wealthy as actors weren’t paid then what they make now.
Where is Handicap Parking?
Handicap parking is adjacent to the Pavilion on Broadway. You MUST have a handicap parking pass to use it.
Where are the Handicap Restrooms?
There are two restrooms in the Market Place building (where the vendors are housed) designated for Handicap usage.
Where do I park?
Parking maps are displayed at Registration and at the five Cowboy Way MayFest hotels. Snap a photo and you’ll have it when you need it. Do not park on the North side of Broadway near the venue, those are apartments and they need the parking. Do not park on the West side of Mill Street or you will block access to those businesses that back up to Mill Street. Finally please leave the parking at the WOW Church for church goers on Sunday. Otherwise, parking is plentiful within a 2 block radius.
How much does it cost to park?
As long as you don’t park illegally, nothing!
Where can I eat?
In addition to the on-site food truck, there are a dozen restaurants within a mile radius, pretty much anything you want! Ten Star Pizza Kitchen is across the parking lot. Hamburger Inn (CASH ONLY) and Cafe Alley are 1 block away…a restaurant map is displayed at Registration and at the five Cowboy Way MayFest hotels. NOTE: MOST restaurants are closed on Sundays in Ardmore, enjoy the food truck or go for the national chains by the interstate.
I just want something to drink?
Key’s Grocery makes up East wall of the Pavilion. They have sodas and snacks on hand (as well as an awesome quilt shop).
I just need a sugar rush?
The Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Ladies have desserts and tea in the Vendor building.
When does (insert name) play? 
What is the Event Schedule?
The event schedule has been posted on Facebook, it is downloadable from our Home page on this website, and it is posted at Registration, outside the Celebrities building, and in the five Cowboy Way MayFest hotels. Snap a photo so you can refer to it often.
I heard there were Movies, where are they?
At the late hour, the movies and tv shows were moved into Bar 115 whose patio faces the parking lot behind the Pavilion. Movies and TV Shows will be shown from 9am to 3pm on Friday and Saturday ONLY. Children (Under 21) must vacate the building by 3pm, please respect this, Bar 115 is generously allowing us to use their building at no charge! There are stairs. Please ask for assistance if you need it.
I need cash, where’s the ATM?
Citizen’s Bank is the closest bank at Main Street and A Street, NW.  The ATM is on the West side of the building on A St. NW, it is a WALK UP ATM. Bank lobby  hours are 9am to 4pm Friday, 9am to Noon Saturday and they are closed on Sunday.
Why does it cost to get in?
It costs a lot of money in travel, hotel, and food to bring all these great folks to Ardmore so you can meet them, listen to them, and enjoy. Then there are rentals (tables, chairs, toilets, etc) as well as insurance, licensing fees, etc… We have to recoup our costs, of course. Sponsors for future festivals are being solicited in order to keep entrance fees to a minimum.
Who gets the money?
Although Useful Art is a for-profit company, after paying all the bills, any net profits will benefit local charities for 2018. A percentage each will go to the Gene Autry, OK Museum, to Ardmore Main Street Authority, and to the Western Music Association. We are working on a partnership with a non-profit for 2019 and beyond.

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