Ardmore Businesses Promote the Cowboy Way MayFest

A Big Thank You to all Y’all Business Owners in Ardmore!

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With the support of Ardmore Main Street Authority, the non-profit established to promote and preserve downtown Ardmore, Oklahoma, local Ardmore businesses are giving their customers discount coupons for the Cowboy Way MayFest 2018! Each business has a set amount of $10 off discount coupons to attend the festival. Their customers get one coupon with each purchase. So the business wins by customers making purchases to get a coupon and the Festival wins because of the support of the local Ardmore community! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Here’s how the coupons work: Any one purchasing tickets at the gate on any day of the event who presents a coupon gets $10 off each paying adult. Kids are always FREE (17 & under). So a family of four can spend the entire day at the Cowboy Way MayFest for $60, less than going to the movies! Coupons do Not add up, sorry, we do have to make a little money to cover our expenses! And it’s a maximum of $10 per day or concert per person. It also does not apply to those who have pre-registered, y’all already got the discount! This is the only available discount for the event–seniors, veterans, gun-tottin’ outlaws, doesn’t matter, everyone pays the same without a coupon. But the good news is, they’re easy to get! Just pop into one of the downtown Ardmore businesses, buy something, and be sure they give you your coupon! Easy Smeasy.


Top Coupon is correct
Bottom Coupon = OOPS

It has come to our attention that the first printing of coupons had a typo, OOPS! As you can see in the image (left), the top coupon is the correct one, the bottom one reads “10% Discount”. SIGH, that should say “$10 Discount”. Well, that’s what we get for typing at midnight and not proofreading One More Time. Never fear, doesn’t matter which coupon y’all have, it’s really $10 Off the gate price. Yay!

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