Announcing the Premier Issue of the Cowboy Way Tribune!

Howdy Y’all!

We are pleased as punch to introduce to y’all the Premier Issue of the Cowboy Way Tribune! A tri-annual newsletter/magazine promoting everything cowboy–new and old! It’s educational, fun, informative and all about the Cowboy Way of Life! It will be published 3 times a year (Summer, Fall & Winter). The “Spring” issue will be the program guide at next year’s Cowboy Way Jubilee!

Regular articles/columns include tourist-y information on things to do in and around Ardmore, Oklahoma; historical information on Cowboys, their music, their, art, and their tools; happenings past and future with the various fan clubs and events across the country; and more! We welcome submissions, please send a word doc or google doc, or simply pasted into an email along with all your pertinent contact information to with “Tribune” in the subject line.

Please do share this with your friends and family. The electronic version of the Cowboy Way Tribune is absolutely free to all Cowboy Way event attendees! If you know of someone who really must have a hard copy (aka paper), tell them to give me a call, 580-768-5559,  and I’ll set them up. (Unfortunately we do have to charge to re-coop our costs on printed copies). We are working on a Kindle version and should have that up on soon (we hope this week but it could be as late as the end of August, technology, bleh!).

To read or download a copy of the Cowboy Way Tribune premier issue, click here.

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