2019 Cowboy Way — A Jubilee, this time!

In just two quick years our Cowboy Way event has grown enough that the word “Fest” just doesn’t really encompass what we are all about. So, we have changed the name of the event to the Cowboy Way Jubilee! This event is a music festival, a film festival, but it’s also educational, a test of skills, an-n-nd, a marketplace as well as a networking event. We like the word “Gathering” but lots of other Cowboy related events use that word so we searched and found a rather old-fashioned word “jubilee.” We think that fits our event to a T! Because the Cowboy Way Jubilee is a HAPPY event. And it celebrates the Cowboy Culture–our music, our lifestyle, our skills, our art, and our heroes. We want an event where city-folk who really don’t know anything more about cowboys that what they see on TV to come and experience REAL cowboys as well as their REEL Cowboy heroes. An event where you might learn something–like how to swing a lariat (it take a special kind of rope, don’t cha know?), play a harmonica, that chickens are smarter than you think, things like that! So with that said, we are very proud to announce the 2019 Cowboy Way Jubilee held in Downtown Ardmore, Oklahoma May 2 through 5, 2019.

We start on Thursday evening, May 2, 2019 @ 6pm with a Cowboy Sing-a-long, everyone gets to sing together sharing classic campfire ballads such as Red River Valley, Tumbling Tumbleweeds, and Streets of Laredo along with more fun songs like You are My Sunshine, Back in the Saddle, and Happy Trails… Then both Friday and Saturday Days from 9am to 5pm we have our Cowboy Trading Post with vendors from all over selling their wares (art to clothes to saddles…) while being serenaded by some of the Top Cowboy & Cowgirl Performers in the whole U.S.A. — bands, musicians, poets, and songwriters share their stuff on the Music stage in the Pavilion. Concurrently on Friday & Saturday there will be demos and workshops such as knife throwing, how to throw a lariat, recording your own family stories, all about guns, and other cowboy cultural stuff. Sunday Morning, May 5 (that’s Cinco de Mayo, btw), 2019, we’ll hold Cowboy Church featuring the Music and Gospel of Billy Holcomb, a founder of the National Gospel Music Association followed by more cowboy music, demos, workshops, and poetry until the event closes at 4pm on Sunday.

But that’s not all! 10am to 4pm each day (Fri.-Sun.) we will have real live Hollywood Stars of yesteryears selling their autographs and photos on-site. We haven’t finalized the list yet–be sure to check back here when you’re able–we’ll post as soon as we know. AND there will be regular Q ‘n A sessions (questions & answers) with the celebs throughout the day, a schedule will be posted early April 2019 of who will be on stage when. You’ll get to meet these wonderful heroes of our childhoods up close and personal, and let me tell ya, there isn’t an ornery one in the bunch, all sweet as honey!

Friday night there will be a special concert of Cowboy Music from 6pm to 9:30pm opening with Kristyn Harris, American Idol contestant followed by Ms. Belinda Gail, one of the grand dames of the Western Music world! What a treat to hear these two amazing ladies back to back! For those attending on Saturday night, their special concert will include Kansas’ own hot western swing band,  3 Trails West as the headliners–we dare ya to NOT tap yer feet! Opening on Saturday evening is none other than Glenn “Pecos Bill” Parker opening with a 90 minute show tracing the history of Country Music from folk to bluegrass to western/cowboy to current country, a real enlightening show with something for everyone!

Exhausted yet?! Well, here’s WHAT ELSE we have planned:

Celebrities Visit to the local VA Center Friday night

Silent Auction Friday & Saturday

Live Auction (by invitation only) Saturday Night

Kids Corral with petting zoo, games, bounce house, & more!

Food Trucks

Celebrity Dinners (extra cost) Sunday Night

Stay tuned here for more info as we know it! In the meantime, SAVE THE DATES May 2-5, 2019!

40 thoughts on “2019 Cowboy Way — A Jubilee, this time!

  1. This will be my 1st visit to the Cowboy Jubilee and l’m looking forward to attending. I hope it’s not too early to register. Do you purchase tickets to the Sunday Dinner?

  2. We would like to come to Cowboy Jubilee and would like to know what is the closest motel to where it will be held(where vendors and all) .

    1. All hotels are along 9ne street so really not much difference distancewise. There are NO hotels within walking distance though

    2. All hotels are 10 to 15 minute drive away, there are none in the immediate area. The event address is 106 E. Broadway St, Ardmore, OK 73401. Vendors will be in the parking lot south of this location. Celebrities will be in the pavilion. We will post a map on the website once the layout is finalized

  3. IT Sounds Very Exciting! and Jammed Packed with Everything you’d want to know about “The Life of the Cowboy”. l’m a Member of The (Robert Fuller Fandomer’s) Fan Club. This will be My 1st time attending the Cowboy Jubilee. Yaah Hoooooh!

  4. Hi, this sounds like a great festival. I like to have more information about it. Please and thank you. I am crazy about “Laramie’s” Robert Fuller, John Smith and all the old cowboys. When I work I wear a red or a blue bandanna, every day in memory of John Smith and honor of Robert Fuller

  5. So excite. Waiting for cots, etc. See you there. Also would like to bring my belt and colt. We are traveling from Wyoming. Would like gun regs.

  6. I would just love to be there, hopefully will be there, maybe with my sister just need more info thank you very much. I just love these western film festival events

  7. Any brochures, information would be appreciated.
    Prices for hotels.
    Since there are no hotels in walking distance will there be cabs, buses or alternative transportation to the sight?
    Will there be opportunities to obtain autographs, pics, etc.?

    1. All this information is on the website!
      1) No brochure made, we do have a flier posted on Facebook
      2) Hotel prices are listed next to hotel names, tel#s and addresses. The Holiday Inn is full.
      3) Access to cabs is very limited however I am certain you can pair up with other attendees for a ride.
      4) Autographs, photos etc will be available from each Celebrity (cost varies), from 10am to 4pm daily (Fri-Sun)

  8. I will be coming to event . What hotel will the Robert Fuller Fandom stay? How do you tickets and when is the dinner. When is the Q & A how do you get tickets.

    1. For Tickets to see Mr. Fuller and the Fandom Q & A, contact Tony Gill, Fandom Club President. Mr. Fuller will be at the Holiday Inn Ardmore, it is full. However, the Courtyard by Marriott is just next door and has excellent event prices, call them directly. The Registration form details all costs, the Dinner is Sunday night 5:30 to 9ish and costs $29.99 per person (in addition to the event cost).

    1. Mr. Fuller will be on-site Friday-Sunday 10am to 4pm. It is advised to arrive VERY early on Friday to sign up to see him, it will be full for the entire weekend by 8am. Ticket pricing is on the Registration Form, $24.99 per person per event or $99.99 per person for the entire weekend. Sunday Banquet is extra, it’s $29.99 per person.

    1. We are certainly hoping we can keep it on that weekend. It will depend on our location which we will be finalizing soon. It will vary by no more than 1 week.

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