Javelina Run Premier

Jasper, Jane, Horsefeathers, & Clarence. (put yer shoes on Jane! LOL)

“Javelina Run” is set to Premier at the 2020 Cowboy Way Jubilee, July 23 to 26, 2020 @ Fort Concho, National Historic Landmark, in San Angelo, Texas! It’s a Westerns comedy short directed by award-winner Lisa Belcher and produced by Jump Rock Pictures.This 18 minute independent film captures the old west most authentically, down to the cow-boys, ‘Clarence’ and ‘Jasper’ played by Aaron Hale and Avery Merrifield. Hale conjures pictures of a young Alan Hale to us older folks; if they’re not related, well, I’d be surprised, is all. As the scriptwriter, Hale packs a lot of action into this short script. Mr. Merrifield has one of the most expressive faces since the master, Red Skeleton (told ya I am old!). And, Wally Welch as the ‘barkeep’ narrates nearly stealing the show. He reminds me of Sam Elliott but with a more resonant voice β€”it’s a perfect narrator voice. The versatile and talented Lisa Belcher not only directs, she plays the lead female, ‘Jane,’ along side Lorelei Linklater’s “Horsefeathers.” As Jane says bluntly, “We’re whores.” You have to see it to know that’s a funny line!

Shot in Blanco, Texas at the Pine Moore Old West Studios, the set is great! The cinematography by Alex Walker is top-notch as is the editing thanks to Sam Butler Production. And tell Steffen Schmidt I’d surely like a soundtrack of his score for “Javelina Run!” It takes a LOT of folks to make even a short like this (and a whole lot of “lettuce,” too, if you know what I mean!). So here’s some of those folks who made this great film short happen: Directed by Lisa Belcher; Written by Aaron Hale; Executive Produced by Michael Goyette; Produced by Lisa Belcher & Christian Olteanu; Cinematography by Alex Walker; Music by Steffen Schmidt; Edited by Sam Butler Production; Designed by Sam Ali. Executive Produced by Sam Ali. And this doesn’t mention the several dozen folks who are actually in the film, nor the ones behind the cameras. A personal shout out to each and everyone of these unnamed people who contributed to this overall well-done picture! Thankey, as they say in Texas.

Some of the historically costumed Javelina County citizens

You can see “Javelina Run” yourself for the very first time in Texas, at the 2020 Cowboy Way Jubilee! $5 per person, kids 10 and under are free. (And yes, it’s 100% G rated). (July 24 to July 26, 2020, exact Times & Dates to be determined, check out CowboyWayJubilee.com/WesternsChannel-film-festival-2020/ for up to date information).


Here’s the movie website: www.JavelinaRunMovie.com and to learn more about the Lisa Belcher, the producer and her award-winning films, go to www.JumpRockPictures.com. (I highly recommend “Guest of Honor” — get out the tissues though!)

Avery Merrifield as “Jasper”

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