Welcome to the main page for the  event.

September 29 to October 1, 2023

@ Fort Concho, National Historic Landmark & Museum

(630 S. Chadbourne St.)

Downtown San Angelo, Texas

There is so much to see and do at the Cowboy Way Jubilee, we’ve set up a separate page for just about everything. That way you can simply jump from here to what you need. So click on the image(s) below to take you there!

To Register for all aspects of the Cowboy Way Jubilee, click here. You can also purchase Tickets for the Cowboy Way Crossroads Concerts!

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DATE TBD: The Sure Shot Awards were founded to Award those who support and promote the Cowboy Way of Life and Cowboy Culture. Named after our founders’ Great Great Aunt Annie Oakley, who was the epitome of the Cowgirl emissary! Join us for the 1st Annual Awards!

Click here for information about the Sure Shot Awards and Banquet. Scroll back up to “Register” and click on “Register to Attend” in order to sign up and pay to attend the banquet.




Education is one of the main purposes of the Cowboy Way Jubilee! We’ve over 2 dozen (that’s 24+) Workshops and Demonstrations for attendees to enjoy! Some are free and some are for a fee. To Find out more, and how to sign up, click here.







Of course, it helps to know HOW to get to the Cowboy Way Jubilee! Find out about Air Lines, Taxis, Rental Cars, and even driving tips by clicking here.





Along with traveling to San Angelo, it helps to know the lay of the land once you arrive. Event Maps, as they are finalized, will be added to this page. So click here to go there!





Once you arrive, you need a place to lay your head. From Hotels to Camping & RV-ing, you’ll find the information you need here.

And of course if you’ve come this far, you’ll also want to explore a bit. Here’s way more information on fun things to do here than you expected!







But WAIT! That’s Not All!

Who is Coming? Celebrities, Authors, & Performers:

Click here to see who is coming at a VIP to the Cowboy Way Jubilee! We have authors, actors, movie directors, real cowboys, and even look-a-likes. We’ve included brief biographies on each, click here to read all about them.







For the music lovers, we also have all of our performers listed with their biographies. They’re on the front line of preserving the Cowboy Way! And, they make us so happy with their tunes. Click here.







There’s a Costume Contest at the Cowboy Way Jubilee with an award for the Best Male and the Best Female Costumes (as in “most authentic”) complete with a panel of judges! Learn about it here.







And for the die-hard silverscreen cowboy fans, we have the Forsaken Westerns Film Festival! It’s sponsored by We air vintage Westerns from both film and television, starting with the beginnings of film all the way to current. We even have indie premiers. Click here for details.







And of course, it helps to have a schedule to keep track of everything that’s going on—there’s so much to do at the Cowboy Way Jubilee you need a time map! The finalized schedules will be posted late August, early September for 2021. Click here to go to the Schedules page.







And we understand, many attendees will be concerned about their health and what protocals will be followed at the Cowboy Way Jubilee. Click here to find out.