The Cowboy Way Code

The Cowboy Way, A Code to Live By™

( A Code to Live By)

Singing Cowboys
Tex Ritter, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Dick Foran

There was a time not so long ago when men of courage, honor, integrity, and moral virtue rode tall in the saddle across the American landscape. Their roof was a blanket of stars. Their companions were a surefooted horse and a trusty six-gun. Their compass was an abiding faith in God and justice for all. And their hearts were filled with a deep and unshakable love of country. Nobody worked harder, shot straighter, or cared more for their friends and neighbors.

Silverscreen Cowboys epitimize the Cowboy Way, A Code for Life

Gene Autry, Roy Rogers & The Texas Rangers, Hopalong Cassidy, Wild Bill Hickok, the Lone Ranger, and Tom Mix, among others, blazed across the silver screen and Saturday morning TV shows, galloping into our imaginations. Their fearless exploits in the face of danger take us back to a time when right and wrong wasn’t determined by the latest fads, Twitter feeds, public opinion polls, news commentators, or Facebook posts; but rather by a person’s character and actions.

These beloved cowboy heroes of yesteryear gave us their own codes, values, and creeds that are still relevant today. We’ve taken the best of them to create “The Cowboy Way,” 10 enduring principles that should encourage everyone to live by a higher standard of conduct and behavior. As you read them, ask yourself how you can apply them to your life today because their inspiring wisdom is timeless.

The Cowboy Way, A Code to Live By:

  1. A cowboy must always tell the truth. The highest badge of honor a person can wear is honesty.

  2. A cowboy believes that to have a friend, you first must be one.

  3. A cowboy respects the flag, the rule of law, and loves our country.

  4. A cowboy is courteous, polite, and unselfish.

  5. A cowboy protects the weak and is kind to animals.

  6. A cowboy must never advocate or tolerate racial or religious intolerance.

  7. A cowboy works hard, is reliable, and trustworthy.

  8. A cowboy never goes back on their word, acts out of anger, or speaks ill of others.

  9. A cowboy strives to have a strong and healthy body, avoiding harmful substances.

  10. A cowboy works to make this a just and better world for all.

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