James Drury, star of The Virginian returns for 2019!

The Cowboy Way Jubilee is pleased to announce James Drury, star of the 1960s television show, The Virginian, has agreed to attend the 2019 Cowboy Way Jubilee, May 2-5, 2019 @ the Marketplace on Broadway in downtown Ardmore, OK! Additional cast members have been invited as well.

The Cowboy Way Jubilee is three days of Rootin’ Tootin’, High-Falutin,’ Fun featuring Hollywood Celebrities, Cowboy Music, Cowboy Poetry and Cowboy skills workshops such as roping, knife throwing (demo only), and how to play a harmonica! Western Swing and Classic Country Music will also be performed. For the kids, a new Kids Corral with livesrliv, a bounce house and games. All kids (17 & under) attend absolutely FREE*!


For more information contact Christie Collins, cowboywaymayfest@gmail.com, 580-222-5319. To register click here to go to our 2019 Registration page.



8 thoughts on “James Drury, star of The Virginian returns for 2019!

    1. James Drury and all the Celebrities will appear at the 2019 Cowboy Way Jubilee on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10am to 4pm each day. They will not be at the Parade or Singalong on Friday as that is a travel day for them.

  1. I wanted so much to be there but finances did not allow! DAG-NABBIT!!! I’ve only recently discovered The Virginian and it hurts me to my heart ❤️ that I was unable to meet my most favorite western star! I’ve been having problems with my e-mail address so I do hope you receive this message! Bye 👋 for now

    1. Received Loud and Clear. And keep checking back here as we will post 2020 information as soon as possible. Right now Mr. Drury intends to attend in 2020.

  2. Heard before Mrs. Drury is in hospital. My prayers are for the family. Mozart friend & fan. Anita. E-mailed Karen L. before no response yet must be busy. Ok.

    1. Thank you but Sheriff Karen handles Mr. Drury’s website, not this one. I will pass on your kind words, thank you.

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