WesternsChannel Film Festival 2020

Film Festival
@ the Cowboy Way Jubilee

Forsaken Westerns & Vintage Television Series

Family fun for all ages! Sit a spell, cool off a bit, lean back and watch James Drury, Robert Carradine, Darby Hinton, Kathy Garver as well as our other celebrities as they perform on the large and small screen. Following in the footsteps of great silver screen singing cowboys like Gene Autry and Roy Rogers the heroes save the day over and over. Good clean fun! Share your childhood heroes with your kids and grandchildren. Pass the love of vintage cowboy series like The Lone Ranger, Hop-a-long Cassidy, Bonanza and more! Watch full length movies and learn a bit of back story, too! We’ll play like Robert Osborn of Turner Classic Movies® and tell you a bit of trivia about each flick. Maybe we’ll play one you haven’t seen before!

Aired 8am to 6pm Daily in the Living Stalls Classroom @ Fort Concho
(Just look for the live animals, we’re in there!)
Don’t worry, it’s air conditioned and a separate room from the animals!

Check back here in Early April 2020 for a schedule of shows.


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