Workshops 2020

Sign up for 2020 Cowboy Way Jubilee Workshops 

Soon you will be able to sign up here for the Cowboy Way Jubilee Workshops. We’re working on setting up an online form for you and will have it ‘soon.’ Do check back at least once a month as we are adding workshops all the time!

You will PAY the Workshop Leader @ the Time of the Workshop! Bring Cash!

Learn to Play the Harmonica Workshop

We are working on repeating this great Workshop, hold yer horses


Yodeling Workshop with Janet McBride
The World’s Best Yodeler — Back by Popular Demand!

Gene Autry and Roy Rogers could do it. Heck, Ken Curtis and of course the Sons of the Pioneers and Daughters of the Purple Sage can do it. Have you ever wonder just HOW in the heck does one yodel? Well anyone can learn, it’s really quite simple once you know the trick to it. And who better to coach you than the former “Best Yodeler in the World” Ms. Janet McBride. She coached LeAnn Rimes and Kristyn Harris to yodel, and they’re pretty good at it!

This 45-60 minute workshop is just $10 per person, kids age 10 and under only $5 each. You’ll be yodeling as good as “Jessie, the singing cowgirl” from Toy Story®* in no time at all!


Writing Workshop (exact topic to be determined)
presented by T.C. Miller, author

T.C. Miller is the author of the popular BlackStar Ops Group series of espionage thrillers. As a freelance author for over 30 years he has a lot of wisdom to impart to budding authors. Navigating the world of self-publishing is confusing — there are industry specific terms, 100s of options, and a lot of unnecessary steps available. T.C. helps you cut to the chase. In addition Miller provides marketing and sales tips. What good is a book sitting in a box in your garage? 

Although the content is “G” rated, it is recommended for adults and teens. $5 per person (ages 8 and older) with a $5 rebate towards any book purchase of Mr. Miller’s.


Historical Guns used in Film & Television
Back by Popular Demand!
presented by Oren Truitt   
(Lecture — No charge)

Examine authentic 1800s firearms up close! Oren Truitt, History Teacher, Curator, and Firearms Instructor shares some of his in-depth knowledge of guns used throughout Hollywood. All ages are welcome (we recommend ages 10 and up), no ammunition will be present. There is no fee for this workshop.




Bullwhip & Knife Throwing Demo
with Band-aids & Blades
(the Miller Family — Chris, Sarah & Ava)   
(No charge)

Champion Thrower Chris Miller accompanied by his wife Sarah and their daughter Ava will demonstrate their skills with bullwhip cracking and knife throwing several times throughout the Cowboy Way Jubilee. Members of the Blade Aces Precision Action Sports League, Chris and Sarah work hard to promote this skilled precision sport. Sport categories include knife, archery, tomahawk, ax, slingshot, rifle, pistol and spear competitions. Perhaps they can bring a couple of these to the 2020 Cowboy Way Jubilee!

As this is a demonstration only, all ages are welcome. There is no charge. Please obey fencing and reiterate to your children that this is a sport that requires a professional coach, otherwise it is best left to the professionals.




have guitar, will travel

Steel Guitar with Kristyn Harris

Details to come

How to Saddle a Horse with Kacee Dellis & Kristyn Harris

Have you ever ridden a horse? No? Well, before you can ride you gotta saddle that critter! And what better way to learn than with the aid of two of the most beautiful and energetic cowgirls you’ll ever meet!

$10 for adults, kids are free

Concho Cowboy Company  (No charge)
Historical Re-enactors

Concho Cowboy Company

Come watch these dedicated amateurs shoot it out! Stand back though — their guns may “only” shoot blanks but a blank can knock over a tin can at 25 feet!  Scheduled TBD, (check the posted schedule for exact times) on the Parade Grounds, let your little ones know its going to get really noisy for a few minutes. But it’s all in good fun, no one really gets hurt, it’s all just pretend.

Open to all ages and free of charge. (There will be a donation can, please feed it, these guys are doing this completely on their own dime!)



When ready, the Workshop schedules will be posted here. Don’t expect them before April!