Venue Map 2020

2020 Event Venue Map — Fort Concho

Downtown San Angelo, TX
Fort Concho

The 2020 Cowboy Way Jubilee will be held at Fort Concho, 630 S. Oakes, San Angelo, Texas 76903. The Fort is a National Historic Landmark, built in 1867, it was a working Calvary headquarters into the 1880s. The 2020 Cowboy Way Jubilee will be housed in Barracks 6, the Commissary,  and Quartermaster buildings. We’ll also have use of the Courtyard, the Parade Grounds and the Living Stalls along with it’s Classroom. (Buildings are highlighted in yellow, right) Click here for the Google map pin.

Coming soon — Here is the layout of the buildings for 2020. Click Here to download.

THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Please check postings at the actual Event to confirm layout!

Ft. Concho — Venue Detail

Zoomed in Map Detail below (scroll down)

Barracks 6

Barracks 6
  • Authors
  • Authors’ Roundtable (on-going
  • Some Workshops/Demonstrations


The Commissary

The Commissary


  • Question & Answer Sessions
    (private & public)
  • Some Workshops/Demonstrations


The Quartermaster Building

  • Celebrity Meet & Greets

The Courtyard (no photo)

  • Concerts
  • Poetry
  • Look-a-Likes
  • Musician’s Sales Tables
  • Cowboy Crossroads Marketplace
  • Chuck Wagons

Living Stalls Classroom (no photo)

  • Forsaken Westerns Film Festival

The Parade Grounds

  • Concho Cowboy Company — Re-enactors
  • Cowboy Crossroads Marketplace
  • Demonstration Area

The Stables

  • Sunday Dinner Awards Banquet, May 3, 7–9pm
The Stables, Outside
The Stables, looking East


The Stables, Stage


Ft. Concho Venue —Zoom In