Celebrities 2020

Cowboy Way Jubilee!

July 23 to July 26, 2020!

(Normally held, the First Weekend in May @ Ft. Concho, San Angelo, TX)

It’s a Modern Day Wild West Show Experience!

Celebrities for 2020

All Celebrities & Dignitaries are scheduled to be on-site daily 11am to 5pm (Friday through Sunday). They may make an appearance at the Thursday, July 23rd sing-a-long and most will be attending the Sunday, July 26 Sunday Dinner Banquet.

Cindy Mitchum Azbill

Niece of actor Robert Mitchum and daughter of actor/poet John Mitchum. Raised among the Hollywood Stars, she calls Ernest Borgnine, “Uncle Ernie”, among others!

Cindy has complied an amazing CD of her Father’s & Robert’s poetry read by Hollywood greats such as James Drury, and Robert Duvall

Cindy’s Dad, John Mitchum was a character actor with over 800 TV episodes and 60 feature films to his credit. John had a beautiful voice and trained to be an opera singer. You might have seen him as Pick Along in Riverboat or heard the album he did with big Dan Blocker, Our Land Our Heritage on RCA? He was also known for his poetry. Ken Curtis requested John write a special piece for Festus to record, An Ode To A Mule. Mitchum was nominated for a Grammy for authoring John Wayne’s America, Why I Love Her album in 1973.
When John passed away in 2001, Ernest Borgnine came up with the idea of having John’s friends each pick their favorite piece to record as a tribute to John. It is with great pride, appreciation, and love that Cindy and her husband Steve are presenting A Tribute to John Mitchum’s Unabashed love of Cowboys, Country, and God for the first time during Cowboy Way Jubilee. Jim Drury was first to record two choices, Charlie Goodnight and The Pledge of Allegiance. Another great Texan, Dean Smith did a fine job with A Breed Apart. Barry Corbin naturally did an outstanding job with the piece for Ben Johnson. Robert Duvall and The Sons of the Pioneers did a spectacular job with the iconic poem America, Why I Love Her. The list goes on. Over 50 of John’s dear friends joined together to make this once in a lifetime CD happen. Ben Mankiewicz said “this CD is not just Hollywood history, it is pure Americana.”

Lisa Belcher, Director

Lisa Belcher is an award-winning writer, director, and actor. Her short film The Gift, that was shot in Hong Kong, has had a successful worldwide festival tour, received an international distribution deal and is currently available On Demand. She has a full resume of acting credits both in Hong Kong and the US and has held other production and crew titles during her career. She has earned many awards for The Gift, Every Tuesday and Guest of Honor as well as multiple acting awards. She produced, wrote, directed and played the lead in Guest of Honor which is currently doing the festival circuit and was recently picked up by a large non-profit in the US. Her short comedy western called Javelina Run is just beginning its festival run. She’s also the founder of Austin based production company Jump Rock Pictures and is in development on a feature she will direct that has been greenlit for 2020.
Jump Rock Pictures website:  www.jumprockpictures.com
Javelina Run website:  www.javelinarunmovie.com

Chris “Booger” Brown

Rancher, Trainer, Competitor, Husband, Father, Actor — these are a few of the labels that apply to Chris “Booger” Brown, current co-star of the wildly successful INSP Television series “Cowboy Way: Alabama.”  The fourth generation of a working family ranch, he was born in South Florida. Booger knows what long days and the empty pockets that come with ranching. Raising cattle isn’t enough. Training champion horses isn’t enough. Breeding, raising, and training Black Mouth Cur dogs isn’t enough. But combine them all and you just might get by — that’s what Jaclyn (his wife) and Chris do at their “Booger Brown Cattle & Performance Horses” ranch in Central Alabama.

A competitor in the prestigious “Road to a Horse” sponsored by 6666 Ranch of West Texas, Brown turns young or ‘difficult’ horses into practical working ‘assistants.’ More than a ‘horse whisperer,’ he trains horses to work cattle as well as to the various needs of an everyday rancher. He’s so good at this people say he ‘thinks like a horse.” Once the horse is trained, then Brown takes on the task of training the riders through his “Horsemanship Clinics.”

Along with training horses, Booger is best known for his skills at gathering cattle and penning them, from horseback and with the aid of his well-trained herding dogs. It’s no surprise that he’s competed in and won several ranch rodeo events. Ranch rodeo includes events such as “wild cow milking,” “trailer loading,” “cow sorting,” and “team penning,” among others highlighting the day to day tasks of a working cowboy.

Raised closely to his grandparents, his family instilled the cowboy code of honesty, integrity, grit, and determination into Brown. His grandfather cautioned him to always communicate and to listen. Naturally affabale, he was the high school mascot and is known for his humor amongst his co-stars. When he fell in love with Jaclyn it didn’t matter that she had a son Matthew; Booger took him on as if he’d always been his. And Brown’s main focus is his family. His deep abiding love for his grand parents, Jaclyn, and Matthew is evident. His respect, his words, his actions are all that by which he hopes to be remembered. And he gives all the glory to God. www.BoogerBrownAlabama.com  click here to learn about Cowboy Way: Alabama TV series.

Randy Boone

Born January 17, 1942, Clyde Randall Boone is an actor and country music singer. He is most well known for appearing in recurring episodes of all three 90 minute western television shows that aired during the 1960s: Wagon Train, The Virginian, and Cimarron Strip.”

At age twenty, Boone co-starred in his first acting role as Vern Hodges in the 1962–1963 NBC comedy-drama It’s a Man’s World, based on the activities of four young men living on a houseboat on the Ohio River. After It’s a Man’s World, Boone’s career skyrocketed. He guest starred on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour thereafter came his three Wagon Train episodes. Boone also appeared in an episode of The Twilight Zone. In 1963, Boone also

The Virginian cast in its second season appearing in 46 episodes over three seasons as the singing cowboy Randy Benton, a romantic interest for a time for Betsy Garth, played by Roberta Shore.   Boone composed original songs that were featured in the series. For example, in a season four episode, “The Inchworm’s Got No Wings At All”, he sang and played his song during the opening credits, and the song’s melody continued throughout the episode, adding dimension and continuity to the story.

He won the Bronze Wrangler award from the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in 1966 for his acting in the episode titled “The Horse Fighter”.

While on The Virginian, he guest starred on David Janssen‘s ABC series The Fugitive. He also starred in the film Country Boy as Link Byrd, Jr., a country singer. After The Virginian, Boone guest starred on episodes of Combat!, Bonanza, and Hondo. From 1967 to 1968, Boone co-starred in the western series Cimarron Strip in the role of 25-year-old photographer Francis Wilde, who is also a part-time deputy to Marshal Jim Crown, portrayed by series star Stuart Whitman. Boone made several television appearances, including Emergency!, Kolchak: The Night Stalker and the cult movie Terminal Island in 1973. The following year, he appeared as Deputy Dickie Haycroft in the television movie Savages, and starred in Dr. Minx in 1975. His last role was as Farkas in the 1987 film The Wild Pair (also known as The Devil’s Odds), about a narcotics officer and an FBI agent.

John Buttram

Nephew of well-known actor and side kick to Gene Autry, Pat Buttram, John Buttram has made a name for himself as he tries to carry on his uncles legacy. John has emceed the Gathering of the Guns festival for many years, starting out with them in Olive Branch Mississippi and trailing along when the event moved to Tunica Mississippi.

John is proud of the way he can imitate his uncle Pat voice to the letter. He has been asked to be the voice in two films:Gene Autry: White Hat, Silver Screen (TV Movie documentary) , Gene Autry: White Hat, Silver Screen in 2007. And his voice can be heard in The Trail of Tears:Cherokee Legacy in 2006. Come visit with John and listen to the tales he can tell about Uncle Pat.



Robert “Bobby” Carradine

Known to Western fans for his roles in The Cowboys and Long Riders, Robert Carradine is a consummate actor who comes by his talent honestly. He made his first appearances on television western series such as Bonanza and in his late brother David’s TV series, Kung Fu. He is the son of John Carradine, Robert is the younger brother of both Keith Carradine and Chris Carradine as well as the younger half-brother of David CarradineBruce Carradine and Michael Bowen.

Carradine has two daughters, actress Ever Carradine (with Susan Snyder), Marika Reed Carradine with his wife Edie Mani, and a son, Ian Alexander Carradine. He is also the uncle (via his older brother Keith) of actress Martha Plimpton.

In addition to working in modern Westerns, Robert thrilled a generation with his most memorable performance in Revenge of the Nerds becoming the icon for ‘nerds’ worldwide. Well known for playing hte role of Lizzie McGuire’s father in the show Lizzie McGuire, multiple generations love Mr. Carradine. With a wide range of film and television roles, some speculate he is the best amongst a great family of actors. Most recently he co-starred in Bill Tilghman & The Outlaws.

Gary Clarke

Being and performing in front of people has always been paramount in Gary’s life except for the time that his father embarrassed him so badly that he peed his pants. That incident lead to the early discovery that making people laugh would create many positive opportunities and open many doors to contributing to people around the world. It soon became clear, however, that one could not simply joke his way through life. Life, he discovered, is much more than “This rabbi walks into a bar…”

He followed fate’s fickle finger when it pointed to acting. As a result, his first professional job was the starring role in a full-length movie. Over the next 12 years, scores of plays, numerous television appearances and several movies led to starring roles in three television series: “Michael Shayne,” “Hondo” and “The Virginian.” Photoplay Magazine voted him “The Most Promising Newcomer.” We don’t know if the results of that poll would repeat itself today given that Gary’s late mother is no longer on Photoplay’s board of directors. But, we digress.

Gary’s penchant for writing, though given a back seat years before, ultimately burst forth in a blaze. An idea for a story for a new series being developed by NBC (something about a bumbling spy) caught the eye of the show’s co-creators, Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. Gary was hired to write several segments based on the character that he’d created especially for the show, which was, by the way, called “Get Smart.” The character he created was “Hymie, the robot.”

Writing screenplays and plays are his passion (aside from his lovely wife, Jerrene, and his two beautiful daughters, Ava, 23, and Natalie, 16). Along the way he has made major dramatic contributions to his church by writing and producing their radio and TV commercials, and their in-church dramas for the past eleven years. Also, along those same lines, he has won an Emmy and a Telly.

Don Collier

Don has made over 200 credited movie and television appearances. He has performed with John WayneRobert MitchumAnthony QuinnDean MartinTom SelleckJames Arness, and even Elvis Presley. His first role was as an extra in 1948 in the western Massacre River (1949). This was followed by two more westerns — Davy Crockett, Indian Scout (1950) and Fort Apache (1948) with John Wayne. Don later appeared in three more John Wayne movies. In 1959, Don won the leading role of U.S. Deputy Marshal Will Foreman in the NBC series, Outlaws (1960). Starring with Don was Barton MacLane and Jock Gaynor. The second season of Outlaws (1960) found Will Foreman as a full-fledged Marshal. New characters were played by Bruce YarnellSlim Pickens, and Judy Lewis. Don kept busy appearing on all the other western TV shows, such as Bonanza (1959), Gunsmoke (1955), Wagon Train (1957), Branded (1965), and Death Valley Days (1952). In 1968, he was cast as the foreman of the ranch The High Chaparral (1967) in David Dortort‘s latest western series of the same name. Working alongside a extremely talented and experienced cast, Don’s portrayal of Sam Butler was fundamental to the success of the highly acclaimed show, which ran until 1971.

But he wasn’t yet done with the old west. Even his commercials took advantage of his cowboy persona, when he became a 1980s icon as The Gum Fighter for Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum. More movies and TV kept him busy. Then he went further back in time when he was called on play the recurring role of William Tompkins in The Young Riders (1989) (1989-1992). Don continued to guest star on TV in and out of the west in Little House on the Prairie(1974), two made-for-TV Gunsmoke movies (Gunsmoke: To the Last Man (1992) and Gunsmoke: One Man’s Justice (1994)), a made-for-TV Bonanza movie (Bonanza: Under Attack (1995)), Banacek (1972), The Waltons (1971), Highway to Heaven (1984) and such big-screen movies as Tombstone (1993).

He worked on a western radio drama series titled West of the Story and was sidekick to Fred Imus on Sirius Radio’s weekly show, Fred’s Trailer Park Bash until Imus’ death in 2011. As of 2016, Don remains active with public appearances at Western and nostalgia shows and the 50th Anniversary of The High Chaparral event hosted in Sept. 2017 in Hollywood.

Alex Cord (invited)

A festival favorite, who never ceases to please his fans, Alex is a true cowboy with a rodeo background. Today he resides in Texas on his working horse ranch and is a popular published author.

Mr. Cord starred in a wide range of film and television roles on both sides of the law. He first appeared in a role on lifelong friend Robert Fuller’s Laramie series. However, it was his third big screen role that garnered attention as the ‘Ringo Kid’ in the 1966 Stagecoach remake. In 1977 he garnered accolades for his sympathetic role as Grayeagle alongside Ben Johnson, Jack Elam, Iron Eyes Cody, and Paul Fix. His role as Michael Coldsmith Briggs III – aka “Archangel” – in the TV series Airwolf gained Alex a whole new generation of fans. He has also added the title of author to his resume and has several awards and nominations for both film and stage work. In 2001 Alex was a proud recipient of the Golden Boot Award. You can find him on Facebook under AirWolfAlexCord.

James Drury (Rest in Peace Sir!)

The 2020 Cowboy Way Jubilee will be holding a memorial for Mr. Drury, Saturday July 25th, 2020 @ 7pm, on-site in Barracks 6.*

* Those of you who wish to share a memory of Mr. Drury @ the Memorial, please submit to Leslei Fisher or Sheriff Karen by July 8th, 2020.

Starting his film career in small roles at M-G-M, it was at 20th Century Fox that Jim started to be noticed by fans in films like, Forbidden Planet and The Last Wagon. In his next film, Love Me Tender, he played one of the Reno brothers alongside Richard Egan and Elvis Presley, in his first film role. On television he guest starred on many westerns such as, Broken Arrow, The Texan, Bronco, Have Gun Will Travel, Cheyenne, The Rebel, The Rifleman, and Lawman, just to name a few. During this time Disney Studios took noticed and cast him in several projects including, The Nine Live of Elfago Baca, Toby Tyler, Pollyanna, and Ten Who Dared.
In 1962 Jim appeared in the film classic Ride the High Country alongside western legends Randolph Scott and Joel McCrea. That same year would bring fame and great appreciation of fans all over the world when Jim was cast as The Virginian, which ran for ine seasons and 249 episodes ending its run under the name, The Men from Shiloh in 1971.
In 1991 he was recognized for his contributions by being inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers, at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, in Oklahoma City. His website is www.TheViriginian.net.

Ken Farmer

Ken has so many talents it’s hard to describe him. Is he a successful actor who writes, or a successful writer who acts? The answer is both, however along with co-author Buck Stienke, Ken has written almost a dozen books – probably exceeding that number by the time you read this. Most notable is his work with the Black Eagle Force and The Nations series of books, as well as a successful writer for screen and television.
His screen and television roles include his memorable gun down as Deputy Kyle by Kevin Costner in Silverado, as well as appearances in Uncommon Valor, Friday Night Lights, Another Pair of Aces: Three of a Kind, Dallas, and Walker, Texas Ranger. Ken’s great sense of humor makes him a favorite with fans and peers alike. His website is www.KenFarmer-Author.net.


Kathy Garver

Kathy Garver

Born in Long Beach, California, Kathy Garver is most fondly remembered for her starring role as “Cissy” in the long running television hit, “Family Affair”. She is the ultimate actress with film, stage, and radio experience. Ms. Garver has also done voice-over animation, audio book narration, songwriting, and is an energetic motivational speaker.

At age 15, Kathy entered UCLA as a speech major. It was there that she began her professional career in radio and stage productions. Her breakthrough role was as a slave girl in Cecil DeMille’s “Ten Commandments.” He was impressed enough to have a scene written especially for Garver. While still a freshman, Kathy won the role of “Cissy” and the next five years was busy! The Family Affair cast would film up to six episodes at a time. It was cancelled at it’s peak due to the ‘rural purge’ in 1970s Hollywood.

After “Family Affair,” Kathy continued her studies at London’s prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She returned to UCLA to earn a Master’s Degree in Theater Arts. Ms. Garver has won Best Actress from the Family Television Awards as well as a Golden Halo Award, an Audie Award (for voice work), and the Emerald Award for her lifetime achievement in the entertainment world.

Ms. Garver produced, narrated and wrote lyrics and original music for eight audio Beatrix Potter tales and eight Mother Goose based audiotapes for Smarty Pants, Inc., which have sold over two million copies and have won numerous awards.

Most recently her work includes appearing in “The Princess Diaries,” “Sweet November,” and Kathy is starring in a new television series, “Aunt Cissy” premiering in January of 2020 based on her role as “Cissy” in “Family Affair” but now all grown up. You may follow “Aunt Cissy” on Facebook.

Kathy met her husband of 33 years, business executive David Travis, on a tennis court in Palm Springs – truly a love match. Their son, Reid Garver Travis, continues the tradition of show business by appearing in national commercials, TV, movies and by doing voice overs. Her website is www.KathyGarver.com.

Clu Gulager

Making his first festival appearance at the Spirit of the Cowboy Festival, Clu appeared in many early TV western classics including, Wanted Dead or Alive, Have Gun – Will Travel, Laramie, The Rebel, Wagon Train, and Audie Murphy’s only TV series, Whispering Smith. In 1961, he was signed to play William Bonney, aka Billy the Kid to Barry Sullivan’s Pat Garrett for 75 episodes of The Tall Man on NBC. In 1966, Clu was added to the cast of The Virginian, for its third season as Deputy Sheriff Emmett Ryker, where he rode with the men of Shiloh for four seasons through most of season six.

Clu continued to guest star in dozens of television presentations including TV westerns like, Bonanza, Kung Fu, The Gambler, The North and the South, Book II, and Walker Texas Ranger. His numerous films include, The Last Picture Show, The Killers, Winning, Molly and Lawless John, and McQ with John Wayne. In 1985, Clu gained a whole new era of fans when he appeared in the cult classic, The Return of the Living Dead. In 1999, he appeared as Bar 20 Ranch owner Buck Peters in a one shot film about Hopalong Cassidy called Gunfighter.

Most recently, Clu has been appearing in films for his oldest son director John Gulager, starting with Feast whose executive producers included Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Wes Craven. Their last collaboration was the 2012 comedy/horror film Piranha 3DD, alongside David Hasselhoff, Christopher Lloyd, and Gary Busey.

Burton Gilliam

Best known (and beloved) for his role in Blazing Saddles, Burton Gilliam is a consummate character actor. A native Texan and Dallasite, he appeared in the role of “Floyd”, the desk clerk in the movie Paper Moon. Gilliam has also appeared in popular motion pictures such as Back to the Future Part III as well as roles in several other motion pictures such as Honeymoon in Vegas, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Farewell, My Lovely, Fletch, Gator, Telefon, and The Terror Within II.

His television appearances include Alice, Charlie’s Angels, The A-Team,The Dukes Of Hazzard, The Fall Guy, and he appeared as a regular on Evening Shade.

Gilliam is married to Susan Gilliam. They have two children together. His granddaughter his gymnast Hollie Vise.

Darby Hinton

Darby Hinton was born in Santa Monica, California on August 19, 1957. His father, actor Edgar Latimer “Ed” Hinton, Jr. (1927–1958), was a native of Wilmington, North Carolina. Darby Hinton made his acting debut at the age of six months and as a child actor appeared in many commercials, films, and television series. He attended high school at the American School in Lugano, Switzerland, and then went to college on the World Campus Afloat Institute for Shipboard Education, a cruise ship that traveled the world to study different societies. He returned to California to continue his studies at Pepperdine University while continuing to make TV appearances

One of Darby’s great interests is the martial arts, and he is skilled in the JKD concept of fighting. He remained quite close to his Daniel Boone co-star Fess Parker, who became something of a surrogate father to him over the years. His own father, actor Ed Hinton, died in a plane crash when he was just over a year old, and his mother never remarried. He is the brother of actresses Daryn and Darcy Hinton.

Hinton’s acting debut at the age of six months old was in the arms of Jayne Mansfield in the TV show Playhouse 90“. In 1962 he played Jafar Mainwaring, a child character in the 1962 film Hero’s Island. In 1963, he was cast in an uncredited role in Walt Disney’s Son of Flubber and as Rocky in the episode “Getting Ed’s Goat” of CBS’s sitcom, Mr. Ed, starring Alan Young and Connie Hines. Shortly before he was cast as Israel Boone, Hinton appeared as Benjie Diel in the 90-minute episode “The Ben Engel Story” of ABC’s western series Wagon Train. He went on to appear in numerous features and television shows. One day his mother dropped him off at Twentieth Century Fox (dressed in knee high socks and a lederhosen) to audition for a role in The Sound of Music, and the boy unintentionally got lost. He wandered into the wrong line of kids; by the time his mother found him, Darby had turned in his lederhosen for a coonskin cap to play Fess Parker’s son Israel, on Daniel Boone, for the next six years. Check out his entire career here on the IMDB website.

He appeared in 110 of the Daniel Boone episodes beginning with the September 24, 1964, premiere, “Ken-Tuck-E”, a reference to Kentucky, the setting of the series. Patricia Blair played his mother, Rebecca Boone; Veronica Cartwright, his sister, Jemima Boone. Ed Ames and Dallas McKennon co-starred as the Cherokee tribesman Mingo and innkeeper Cincinnatus. Hinton’s last Daniel Boone roles, filmed when he was twelve, were in the 1969–70 season: “A Very Small Rifle”, “The Road to Freedom”, “The Printing Press”, “Target Boone”, “Hannah Comes Home”, and “Sunshine Patriots”.

After Daniel Boone, Hinton acted with appearances as Hal Parker in “This Will Really Kill You” (1970), of NBC’s The Bold Ones: The New Doctors, as Tom Woods in “Legacy of Fear” (1971) of ABC’s Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law, appeared in an episode of The Big Valley which also included a young Richard Dreyfuss, as James Scott in “How to Steal a Submarine” (1975) of CBS’s Hawaii Five-O, starring Jack Lord, and as Buddy Moran in “Beauty Knows No Pain” (1981) of CBS’s Magnum, P.I., starring Tom Selleck. In 1982 and 1983, he appeared in two episodes of ABC’s The Fall Guy starring Lee Majors. From 1985-86, Hinton was cast as the second Ian Griffith on NBC’s daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives. He was named in the starring role of Cody Abilene in the 1985 Andy Sidaris film, Malibu Express.

Hinton has also been starring as the patriarch of Greystone Mansion in the Theater 40 production of The Manor in Beverly Hills, inspired by the true and tragic events that took place in this historic Doheny Mansion where they perform. In February 2011 Hinton starred in the theater production The Last Laugh by playwright Bill Svanoe and directed by Emmy winner Blake Bradford and starring Joan Darling. Hinton also worked on the History Channel mini-series Texas Rising that aired Memorial Day 2015. Most recently he had a starring role in Bill Tilghman and The Outlaws, Wayne Shipley, Director, a 2019 release.

Hinton is a member of the SAG/AFTRA Young Performers Committee, an active member of A Minor Consideration, and on the Advisory Committee of Looking Ahead, all geared to helping the creative youth of today experience the best of life while helping them avoid the pitfalls that have plagued young artists of the past and present. His website is www.DarbyHinton.com.

James Hoffpauir

James Hoffpauir is an actor and director, known for Hero In The Rain (2005), Truth or Fiction (2011), and Sundown (2013). He has written, directed, acted, and produced lasting and innate messages throughout his work. James is a perfectionist. In 2012 he founded his own production company called Crossroads Live. Hoffpauir has interviewed many well know stars such as Robert Fuller, Alex Cord, Michael Dante, and many others. His interviews can be seen on his Facebook page “Crossroads Live Show with Jim and Debbie.”





Dean Reading

Dean Reading, best known for his  online show, Crossroads Live!, was raised on a ranch in Fort Bend County, Texas. Having competed in high school and college rodeos, he went on to compete in professional rodeos in the seventies and eighties. Reading graduated from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in History and English and a secondary Teaching Certificate. In the 1980s, Reading was the Program Director for Group W Cable in Grapevine, Texas for several years where he produced, directed and appeared in several TV programs. Some of these programs were syndicated thru the Group W Cable systems and several TV stations throughout the Southwest. Six Shooter Junction, Texas Traditions, and Entertainment Clipboard were among these productions. Reading then worked on several films in the transportation department, local casting department, and appeared periodically as an actor. He taught advanced film acting at Actor’s Preparatory Studio in Fort Worth for two years as well as teaching video production at Video Technical Institute for a year.

Roberta Shore

Roberta Jymme Schourop (born April 7, 1943, Monterey Park, California), better known as Roberta Shore, is an American actress and performer, most famous for her youthful television and movie roles in the 1950s and early 1960s.

Though never a Mouseketeer, Shore co-starred in several Walt Disney productions featuring the Mouseketeers and thus came to be associated with them. She appeared as Annette Funicello‘s rival Laura Rogan in Annette’s self-titled series and as French-speaking Franceska in The Shaggy Dog (1959).

Aside from Disney, Shore had a featured role in the 1959 screen version of Blue Denim, duetting with Warren Berlinger, and an uncredited cameo appearance in A Summer Place as Sandra Dee‘s gossipy schoolmate Anne Talbert. Later she played Ricky Summers in the 1960 movie Because They’re Young, Jenny Bell in The Young Savages (1961), and in an uncredited role as Lorna in Stanley Kubrick‘s 1962 version of Lolita.

Shore’s television credits include appearances on Playhouse 90, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, The Donna Reed Show, The Lawrence Welk Show (a singing appearance in 1959), several Western series including Maverick, Wagon Train, The Tall Man, and Laramie, and regular roles on Father Knows Best (as Joyce, Bud Anderson’s girl friend), The New Bob Cummings Show and The Virginian.

In 1957, Shore played the role of popular literary detective Nancy Drew in a 1957 pilot that was produced by Desilu for CBS. The project was not picked up due to disapproval from the owners of the franchise. She co-starred alongside actors Tim Considine and Frankie Thomas.

Shore was featured very prominently as a series regular within the first three seasons of The Virginian as Betsy Garth, the daughter of Shiloh Ranch owner Judge Garth played by Lee J. Cobb. Though no longer a regular in the fourth season, she returned in the fourth episode of that season (#95 “The Awakening”) in a story in which Betsy meets and falls for a gentleman played by Glenn Corbett. A disillusioned former minister, Corbett’s character finds his way back to his belief in God and by story’s end finally proposes to Betsy. The episode ends with the couple being wed at Shiloh Ranch by Judge Garth himself before the newlyweds ride off to Pennsylvania where Corbett’s character is to become the minister of a church.

After the mid-1960s, Shore did little in the way of movies or television. In 1962, she starred alongside Candy Moore in a failed television pilot Time Out for Ginger. She emerged in 1984 as a radio disc jockey and program host in Salt Lake City, Utah. Active in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,[2] Shore and then-husband Ron Frederickson auditioned for the parts of Ishmael and his wife Leah in a 2004 movie adaptation of the Book of Mormon. While her husband won the role of Ishmael, the producers felt Shore’s earlier fame would detract from the movie’s message and chose actress Sheryl Lee Wilson to play Leah. As a child Roberta was cast as the Yodeler for “It’s a Small World”.

Buck Taylor as “Newly” in Gunsmoke

Buck Taylor (invited — not confirmed)


Best known for his role as “Newly” on Gunsmoke TV series, Buck Taylor is a Fine Artist. We have invited him to join us with his art for the 2020 Cowboy Way Jubilee and are waiting to hear if he has been able to squeeze us into his schedule.




Lana Wood

Provocative and ever the temptress in her prime, the dark-maned, gorgeous Lana Wood was born Svetlana Gurdin in Santa Monica, California, the younger daughter of Nikolai Stephanovich Zakharenko and Maria Stepanovna Zudilov, émigrés of Ukrainian and Russian descent. Barely speaking comprehensible English, they subsequently changed the family name to Gurdin after becoming US citizens. Both her parents’ families fled their Russian homeland following the Communist takeover and the couple met and married in San Francisco. Lana’s more famous acting sister was christened Natalia eight years earlier and the third girl in the family was a half-sister named Olga, her mother’s child.

Young Natalia (renamed Natalie Wood, out of respect to director Sam Wood) became a child star in the late 1940s, with such classics as Miracle on 34th Street (1947), and younger sis Lana would inevitably be drawn into films as a result of Natalie’s overwhelming success. She made her “debut” as a baby in Natalie’s “B” film Driftwood (1947) only to have her cute bit cut from the picture. Her first screen credit actually came with the John Ford classic The Searchers (1956) as a younger version of Natalie’s character, and she was off and running.

In an effort to break away from her sister’s looming shadow and find her own place in Hollywood, Lana set out to secure TV roles and did quite well on such popular programs as Playhouse 90 (1956), Have Gun – Will Travel (1957), Dr. Kildare (1961) and The Fugitive (1963), while continuing her minor appearances in such films as Marjorie Morningstar (1958) (again with Natalie), Five Finger Exercise (1962) and the The Girls on the Beach (1965). In 1965 she earned a contract at Twentieth Century-Fox and was cast in her first television series, The Long, Hot Summer (1965), playing the Southern belle role Lee Remick had played in the 1958 film (The Long, Hot Summer (1958)). Better yet was her 1966 breakthrough role as hash-slinging waitress “Sandy Webber” on the original prime-time soap opera smash Peyton Place (1964), which she played for two seasons. Unlike the glamorous and refined Natalie, Lana developed an earthier “bad girl” persona. Her character femmes bore typical hard-luck stories–tarnished girls from the wrong side of the tracks who were often more trouble than they were worth. Off-screen, she married Peyton Place (1964) co-star Steve Oliver, who played her abusive husband and jailbird “Lee Webber”. The marriage lasted approximately one month.

After Peyton Place (1964), Lana continued to exude sex appeal in such films as For Singles Only (1968) and Scream Free! (1969), a drug tale that reunited Natalie’s West Side Story (1961) co-stars Richard Beymer and Russ Tamblyn. She kept her name alive on TV as well, making the guest rounds on The Wild Wild West (1965), Bonanza (1959), The Felony Squad (1966) and Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In (1967).

In April 1971 the well-endowed Lana posed for Playboy in an attempt to gain added exposure. It worked. A major career boost presented itself in the form of producer Albert R. Broccoli (nicknamed “Cubby”), who caught the spread and offered her the role of Bondian femme fatale “Plenty O’Toole” in Diamonds Are Forever (1971) opposite Sean Connery. Following all this sexy publicity, Lana somehow nabbed an unexpected role in the Disney romp Justin Morgan Had a Horse (1972).

Although Ms. Wood stayed  active throughout the next dozen years with TV movies: Black Water Gold (1970), QB VII (1974) and Nightmare in Badham County (1976), and,  films Grayeagle (1977) and Satan’s Mistress (1982), hshe cut back on her demanding schedule.

Marriages during the 1970s included a union with actor/co-star Richard Smedley, whom she met on the set of A Place Called Today (1972). They produced her only child, daughter Evan, in 1974. She married producer Allan Balter after meeting him during the filming of Captain America (1979). In the mid-’80s she appeared for a time on the daytime soap opera Capitol (1982). A devoted animal lover, the still-stunning, Lana occasionally appears at celebrity conventions and more recently returned to films and TV as the female lead in 2019’s Bill Tilghman & The Outlaws.



We are grateful to have several returning Authors for 2020. And we welcome several new faces, too.

Actors Alex Cord & Ken Farmer are both well-known published authors (see above). These additional authors will be participating in the Author’s Round Tables to be lead by Charles Williams, Will Rogers’ Medallion Book Awards. (Check schedule for times & location).

Terry Bomar

Award-winning Speaker, Minister, Author, Screenwriter and Adventurer, Terry, draws from years of extensive experience serving in ministry. As an actor, Bomar is known for his work on The Book of Ruth: Journey of Faith (2009) and Western Trails. He is an exciting one-of-a-kind speaker and a fascinating story teller filled with insight contemporary application and compelling biblical principles that are guaranteed to inspire you! Terry’s adventures, experience and passion make him a captivating speaker on a variety of topics. And, he founded a nonprofit organization, Young Adventurers, that has mentored over 12,000 youth and families. He is also a spiritual coach for recovering addicts.
Mr. Bomar has been honored by State Legislators, Sheriff’s Departments, County School Boards; and he received an invitation to the U.S. Presidential Inauguration in honor of his community service. Terry is the author of The Life and Times of Dan Haggerty – the man who made Grizzly Adams famous — as well as several other books.

Linda Thorsen Bond

Dr. Linda Thorsen Bond has written and produced 20 historical plays and won two national Telly Awards for a television documentary about one of her plays.  She has written newspaper and magazine articles for publications including Wild West, Texas Highways, Texas Monthly, W, USA Today, Family Circle, Australian Woman’s Day, San Angelo Standard Times, four different Colorado magazines and more.

Her historical novel, Saving the Oldest Town in Texas, was a finalist in the Historical Fiction category of the 2019 American Fiction Awards. It is the story of the scoundrel who robbed his own bank and left his wife, his children and his mansion behind in Nacogdoches, Texas.

Daisy Wettermark, on of Ms. Bond’s ‘living characters,’ was married to Col. Benjamin Wettermark. The Colonel was mayor and president of the biggest bank in Nacogdoches, Texas. In 1903, he robbed his own bank and left his wife, his children and his mansion behind and became the most wanted man in the U.S.

The next book due out mid-2020, San Angelo A to Z: A Young Reader’s Guide is being published by ACU Press (Abilene Christian University). www.lindathorsenbond.com or amazon.com/author/lindathorsenbond.com


Michael Gasaway

Michael Gasaway is a widower with five grown sons who can be described as a true Cowboy Christian Gentleman, who is strong but gentle as mentioned in his poem Men of Velvet and Steel. During his life he has been an award winning photographer, successful businessman, entrepreneur, Father, grandfather, author, and rancher and is a U.S. Marine veteran. He is the author of Angels and Cowboys among others.





James Griffin

James J. Griffin is a life long New Englander who has always been fascinated by the old West, particularly the Texas Rangers. He has been a student of the Rangers since a young age, and is considered an amateur historian of the organization. He works closely with the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco, to which he has contributed his extensive collection of Texas Ranger artifacts. Jim considers Texas his home away from home. He writes traditional westerns, contemporary Texas Ranger novels, as well as Young Adult and Children’s Texas Ranger books..He is also a lifelong horseman, who visits senior centers and nursing homes with his horse, Yankee.. Jim is a member of Western Writers of America and Western, Fictioneers. He makes his home in Keene, New  Hampshire.


Eric Heisner

“We are the ‘Next Generation of Western Filmmakers’.The stories of grit and glamour, as well as the moral character and self reliance portrayed
in Westerns is important to keep relevant in today’s varied choices of entertainment.The Western is definitely a niche market, but we feel that we can communicate a good story that will transcend every generation.”

Eric H. Heisner is a n award-winning Screenwriter, Western Actor, Novelist, and Filmmaker. He prides himself on being hired as the cowboy character who can ride a horse, shoot a gun, deliver his lines, and not fall off. A graduate of Columbia College Chicago he worked on the hit television show “ER” as Assistant Location Manager for two years while living at State & Rush Street on the Gold Coast of Chicago. Eric was formerly roommates with Cinematographer Dan Farnam and Actor Chad Curtiss who decades later are still working contemporaries in Los Angeles, CA. Between gigs for “ER” and the feature film “High Fidelity” Heisner was able to travel to Peru and hike Macchu Piccu, traveled down to the Florida Keys and live in his truck for an extended period fine tuning his skills as a furniture maker and finish carpenter. A move out to Los Angeles put him in a job for Dustin Hoffman as a script courier and then in minor roles for the History Channel and background in several feature films such as “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Upon completion of the award-winning Western TV Pilot “Friend of the Devil” Heisner became known around town as the “Next Generation of Western Filmmakers”. Attending the Algonquin Cowboy Lunch with such Western Stars as Ernest Borgnine, Bo Hopkins, Bruce Boxleitner, and others serves as continuing education for an Actor, Writer and Filmmaker with a passion for the Western genre. His first novel, “West to Bravo” published in 2014 by a New York Publisher has put another notch on his storytelling resume that has been followed by several other Western and Adventure novels where he continues to broaden his skills as a teller of stories from the mythology of the American West. Heisner lives and works in San Antonio, Texas, and Glendale, California.

T.C. Miller

T.C. Miller’s first piece was published when he was nine years old. He has written extensively since then in a variety of genres and formats. He created the BlackStar Ops Group eight years ago and has recently released  the fourth book in the series of clean-read spy thrillers, BlackStar Ranch. His short story, Mary Elizabeth Peabody, appears in Flynn-The Series, a Western anthology published by Timber Creek Press. Miller was named Outstanding Author of 2017,  at the Rose State College Writer’s Symposium.

T.C. spent twenty-four years in the USAF, four of them stationed at Mather Air Force Base. For thirty years he has studied and taught Hakkoryu Jujitsu.

Ann Snuggs

Ann Snuggs grew up in Southeast Arkansas. A born storyteller, she was regaling her mother with stories before she learned to write. As a child, she coerced her playmates into performing in short plays she wrote in between watching her favorite cowboy heroes ride the television range. Her friendship with one of those, Dick Jones, who played Buffalo Bill, Jr. on the television show of the same name and Dick West in The Range Rider, led to her upcoming book, Dick Jones: Where the Action Was.
Also a devoted mystery/detective fan, Ann began with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and by late elementary school had progressed to Erle Stanley Gardner and Dashiell Hammett. She cried when Mickey Spillane died.
In college at Henderson State University at Arkadelphia, Arkansas, she worked on a campus literary publication.
After college she began her career as a Jill-of-All-Trades, teaching school — in grades second to junior college and subjects from social studies to English and Speech to Math to Spanish; working at newspapers as a photographer, writer and editor; walking hots and rubbing horses in the barns as well as doing publicity work at thoroughbred race tracks; working in multiple positions at a florist; and on and on. She has often said the only two criteria a job must have to be considered are: 1. Have I ever done this before? (Answer: No) and 2. Does it sound interesting? (Answer: Yes).
Through all this she has written — something. When asked at conferences, “What do you write?” The reply is, “What do you want written?”
At one time or another Ann has written poetry, skits, song lyrics, novels, short stories, essays, newspaper columns and feature stories, advertising copy, whatever someone needed to have written. She writes for the same reason she breathes — it is necessary for her existence.
Ann is the author of two non-fiction books on Western movies, Riding the (Silver Screen) Range and Uncredited: Cliff Lyons On and Off Screen; a Western novel, Donovan’s Trail; and a mystery, Double Stalk. She also contributed two selections to the anthology, Tales From the South, Volume 1.

Buck Stienke

Buck Stienke – Native Texan – Cowboy – Rancher – Captain – Fighter Pilot – United States Air Force vet – Bush Pilot – Author – Publisher: Buck has worn a lot of different hats in his lifetime. He has an extensive background in military aviation and weaponry. A graduate of the Air Force Academy with BS in Engineering Management, Buck (call sign ‘Shoehorn’) was a member of the undefeated Rugby team and was on the Dean’s List. He was the offensive captain of the Austin Texan’s Football team when he played there in the 70s. After leaving the Air Force, Buck was a pilot for Delta Airlines for over twenty-five years, flying both domestically and internationally on the Lockheed L-1011, Boeing 767-300ER and 400 ER. He obtained another degree in farm and ranch management and his own cow-calf operation in Montague county Texas. He has vast knowledge of weapons, tactics and survival techniques. Buck is the owner of Lone Star Shooting Supply, Gainesville, TX. As a successful actor, writer and businessman, Buck lives in Gainesville with his wife, Carolyn. Buck was Executive Producer for the award winning film, Rockabilly Baby. Every book he has written or co-written to date has reached the Amazon’s Top 100 Best Seller’s List.

Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson is an award-winning author and photographer. He retired from the government where he tested explosives and was a developer and curator of a military museum; The Yuma Proving Ground Heritage Center. He was an Amy medic in Vietnam (’66-’67) with a military career that spanned 42 years, (’60-’02), including Air Force, Army, National Guard, and Reserves. Mike, his wife Ruthie, and cats, Daisy and Molly, live on the Laughing Horse Ranch Land & Cattle Company, San Angelo, Texas. He has owned several businesses, worked as an actor, carpenter, bartender, oil land man, raised horses, was an explosives project engineer and done many other things while trying to decide what he was going to be if he grows up. Today he writes, collects cowboy art and gear, drinks beer, and western dances with Ruthie at assorted dance halls and saloons across Texas. You may find his books on Amazon, author Mike Thompson

John T. Wayne

John T. Wayne was born in St Louis, Missouri in 1958 with the name Terry Wayne Hammock. Legally, he changed his name in 2012 when he finally learned at the age of 52 who his real grandfather was, (something he didn’t learn until his father was buried and gone). His new name should give you a hint as to his actual grandfather.
He joined the Marines in 1976 and began two tours overseas. He attended the University of Oregon on his GI Bill and when his daughter died from cancer in 1985 he quit all together. He suddenly realized the professors couldn’t teach him what I wanted to know about writing, because they didn’t know themselves. While the author grew up in Missouri, he and his wife Donna now live in Arkansas. “I guess you would call that the Ozarks,” he says, “and we love our Ozark heritage.”
He began writing his books in 1985; books about the orphan’s from the Civil War. It seems no one has heard much about them. These young men became the first cowboys, as all of the grown men were off fighting a war. John T. writes, stories about the Civil War and the Old West which have been largely ignored or forgotten.


The Cowboy Way Jubilee has enjoyed excellent support and attendance by several of the Cowboy Stars Look-a-likes. We are looking forward to announcing who all will be joining us for 2020. If you’re interested in attending as a Look-a-like, please contact Leslei.

Alan Bye — “Gabby Hayes”
(Alan is unable to make the July 2020 dates but look for him to return in 2021)


Alan Bye of Seward, Nebraska enjoys playing the beloved western sidekick, Gabby Hayes, at film festivals and fairs. This year will be his twenty-third season of performing as Gabby. Bye performs in shootouts and skits, as well as solo. Alan was in the Army and the National Guard for 21 years including having served a year in Vietnam. He and his wife Karen have been married for 37 years — they have three children and six grandsons.


Jerry Eastman as “Bat Masterson”

Jerry Eastman began performing as Bat Masterson in 1994 with a gunfighter group, Old Dallas Gunfighters and Reenactment Society, later changed to Old Dallas Shootist. He has researched and been performing as Bat for over 20 plus years, doing living history and presentations in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX and surrounding areas; Tombstone, and Old Tucson, AZ; Cheyene and Laramie, WY; Wichita, Dodge City and Olathe, KS. He assisted in the review of the manuscript for the book “Friends Call Me Bat” by Paul Colt and was sought out by Castle Productions for their limited series “Gunslingers” Season 2, Episode 3, “Bat Masterson, Defender of Dodge” as a Bat Masterson Historian.


Richard Falkenberg as “Bob Steele”

From the Driscoll, Texas, Richard Falkenberg brings the 1930s singing cowboy Bob Steele back to life. To see him in everyday clothes the resemblance is hidden, but when Richard dons Steele’s signature all black, those steely blue eyes just pop and you are whisked back in time. He and his wife Debbie travel the U.S. sharing their love of vintage Westerns with everyone they meet.
Richard has appeared at all of the Jubilees, a true-blue supporter for sure!




Nikki Pelley as “Annie Oakley” (as portrayed by Gail Davis) & “Minnie Pearl”

Known as the Hollywood Cowgirl Nikki Pelley is a versatile entertainer. From appearances as Gail Davis, Patsy Cline, or Minnie Pearl to costume designer, Nikki can do it! Singer, songwriter, actress, stuntwoman, storyteller, are some of her many titles.

Pelley designed costumes for Western Religion, Hickok, and Alien Nation, among her many movie credits as designer and/or wardrobe mistress. She has appeared in dozens of movies and television commercials. And if you need an event organized, she can do that too.

Full of energy and always professional, she can be reached through her website www.NikkiPelley.com.

John Phipps as “Tonto”, “The Cisco Kid”


John Phipps happily revives the persona of, Tonto, the role made notable by the late actor, Jay Silverheels, in the early television series The Lone Ranger. Phipps lives in Linden, Indiana, has been appearing as a knife-throwing, whip-cracking Tonto for a decade, thrilling children and adults alike. He also performs as “Cisco” of the television series, “The Cisco Kid,” who also wields a whip. John’s hobby is collecting Western movies, so far he has more than a thousand! He travels with his little dog, “Princess.”



Mark Staggs — “Festus Hagen,” Master of Ceremonies


Mark Staggs has been doing comic celebrity impersonations since 1966. He started making people “laff” in the third grade impersonating Bill Cosby and John Wayne. “It only took me 40 years to git good,” says Mark, “Now I do over 100 voices and growing”. Mark currently travels the country doing Christian comedy and capturing the hearts of Gunsmoke fans with his wonderful Festus impersonation. He even took “Newley” by surprise “He’s scary”, quotes Buck Taylor when first introduced to Mark’s “Festus ” for the first time at The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo 2017.


Mike Thompson as “Theodore Roosevelt”

Mike Thompson is an award-winning writer, playwright and photographer. He retired from the government where he tested explosives and was curator of an Army museum. He is a Vietnam veteran, medic, (1966-67) with a military career spanning forty-two years, (1960-2002), including the Air Force, Army, Army Reserves and National Guard.

Mike, his wife, Ruthie, and cat Mollie, live on the Laughing Horse Ranch, Land and Cattle Company, San Angelo, Texas.  He has owned several businesses, worked as an actor, carpenter, bartender, oil landman, raised horses and done other things while trying to decide what he’s going to be if he grows up. His western, “The Turbulent Trail”, was the Arizona Authors Association 2017 #2 book of the year and his play, “Ashes Are Ashes”, was the AAA 2018 Best New Drama.  His books may be found on Amazon, Mike Thompson/San Angelo Writer’s Club.

Today he writes, collects cowboy art and gear, travels, drinks beer and western dances with Ruthie at assorted dance halls and saloons across Texas.

Ermal Williams as “John Wayne”

Ermal Williamson brings John Wayne to life as no one else can.  With an undisputed track record consisting of Marine Corp experience, as a rough-and-tough cowboy stuntman at Universal Studios, his expertise on the Wild West, and a John Wayne and Gary Cooper impersonator, he puts his daily life-long experiences to work for him in all that he does.

He has appeared in Bonfires of the Vanities, Twilight Zone, The Patty Hearst Movie, General Hospital, Golden Girls, Santa Barbara Star Quest and other movies, television and stage performances. Ermal was even named Best Male Impersonator In Las Vegas and is known as the John Wayne Look-alike. Of course, there’s his one-man show “Memories with John Wayne and Gary Cooker” but he may be even more recognizable as the Duke in all the Coors Light beer commercials! He’s written seven Western novels and is a frequent speaker and emcee. Luckily for West Texas, Ermal is also known for his performances with his wife, Paula Williamson.


Paula Erlene Williams as “Patsy Cline”

America’s Yodeling Sweetheart

The versatile Paula Williamson is a 6 -times National Yodeling Champion and recently became an international champion yodeler when she represented the USA in South Korea. You may have seen her yodeling in commercials for US Cellular and Arizona Casinos.

She has performed in the John Wayne Show with her husband Ermal Williamson for over 15 years.  Paula brings her original and classic western songs to events, and her yodeling might just knock your socks off!

Paula performed as a tribute artist to “Patsy Cline” in the “Hank and Patsy Revisited Show.” She now performs her new show, “From Patsy To Patsy.” where she starts the show as Patsy Montana and in the second half of the show she dresses as Patsy Cline and performs some of Patsy’s most beloved hits. She’s even doubled for Lucille Ball.


Note all appearances are posted in good faith–health and work schedules permitting.

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