Discover Tour

There is so much to see and do
in & around San Angelo, Texas!

Because of this, we are offering a 3-day
Discover San Angelo Tour
prior to the 2020 Cowboy Way Jubilee.

Just $155 per person
plus meals!*

* hotel not included either

Click here to see the daily itinerary complete with links to the various tour sight websites. (samples to right & below) and Click here to download a printable version of the itinerary.

04/01/2020 NOTE: The Tour is still a ‘go’. The dates have been changed to July to be prior to the rescheduled 2020 Cowboy Way Jubilee. We are monitoring the health recommendations and will make a final determination on this pre-event tour no later than Mid-June, 2020.

02/15/2020 NOTE: Tuesday & Wednesday schedules have been swapped, if you downloaded before 2/15, you’ll need to re-download the itinerary! (This page has been updated).

We recommend you arrive on Sunday, July 19, 2020 as the tour begins 9:15am on Monday, July 20th. It ends, Wednesday, July 22, 2020 after dinner. Scroll down for the full itinerary if you do not wish to download it.

Send in a $78 Reservation Deposit to hold your spot in the Discover San Angelo Tour. Pay the $77 balance due by June 29, 2020. This totals $155 which covers the bus rental, and driver, Tour guide fee, entry fees where they apply, and donations/tips for those places that do not charge a fee. (Group tours are extra work.)

Please note, except for lunch on Tuesday @ The Christoval Vineyard, meals are extra. Amounts on the itinerary are estimates, you may choose entrées that cost less or more. Do please bring cash for your meals as running a couple dozen credit cards creates issues for the restaurants and may hold up the Tour. We estimate you’ll need approximately $200 cash over the three days.

Discover San Angelo 3-Day Tour requires a minimum of 20 people to sign up. Fees are fully refunded prior to June 29, 2020 if inadequate numbers sign-up. The tour can accommodate a maximum of 50 people. We will maintain a waiting list just in case.


Discover San Angelo Tour Itinerary
Monday July 20, 2020 — Wednesday July 22, 2020

MONDAY, July 20, 2020
Cost   Time       Description
n/c      9:15am   Tour San Angelo Visitor Center & adjacent River Walk
$5     10:00am   San Angleo State Park Guided Tour — View the Official State of Texas Buffalo & Longhorn herds, see ancient Indian rock art and prehistoric animal tracks, enjoy San Angelo’s natural beauty.
$5d   11:00am   International Water Lily Collection Tour — Designated a premiere collection of lilies by the International Water Lily & Water Gardening Society. Seven ponds boasting over 150 lily varieties.
$25e  11:45am   Lunch @ Miss Hattie’s Saloon & Restaurant
$6*      1:15pm   Legends Jewelers —The Story of the Concho Pearl followed by Miss Hattie’s Bordello Guided Tour,* (only access is stairs—you may choose to opt out of this tour), and Downtown Shopping. Catch a glimpse of a by-gone era — tour five bedrooms, learn the ladies’ stories, and see the common areas of a ‘gentleman’s club” begun in 1898.
$5e     2:30pm   Lastest Scoop Ice Cream — Handmade ice cream rated “better than Blue Bell” and one of top 10 in the State of Texas! Try the Flavor of the Day.
n/c     3:00pm    Art in Uncommon Places Tour — Paintbrush Alley and
Pop-Up Museum are two examples of local artists’ crea-tive skills located in well, uncommon places
n/c     3:30pm    M.L. Leddy Boots Tour — Fabled custom made boot makers established in 1922, see the expert level of detail and skill required to make a custom pair of boots. Choose from 100s of handmade boots.
n/c     4:15pm   Tour Cactus Hotel — The fourth hotel ever built by Conrad Hilton, in 1929, see it’s magnificent decór and architecture.
$40e  7:00pm   Dinner @ The Angry Cactus —Chef Tim Cordon’s offerings include tableside Angry Guacamole, Gourmet Mac ‘n Chees and much much more in
rustic meets modern ambiance.
$86 Estimated Daily Subtotal ($10 or $16* set fees)


TUESDAY, July 21, 2020
Cost   Time       Description
n/c      9:00am   Chicken Farm Art Center Guided Tour — Chicken Farm turned Art Colony, home of Roger Allen’s Starkeeper Gallery, artists’ create an oasis of art, culture, creativity, and community in central Texas.
$5     10:30am   San Angelo Museum of Fine Art Guided Tour — A behind-the-scenes tour of one of the most dramatic art museum’s in the USA. Enjoy the scenic vista from the rooftop sculpture terrace, see comtemporary ceramic arts, and stroll through galleries with soaring ceiling.
$25e  12:00pm   Lunch @ Armenta’s Mexican Restaurant —Chef Filipe Armenta makes this a family affair continuing in his parents’ footsteps. Enjoy authentic Tex-Mex cuisine.
$5d     2:15pm   St. Boniface Catholic Church @ Olfen Tour —Established in 1901 by German immigrants and re-built after a 1922 fire, 71 stained glass windows depict scenes in the life of Christ and other significant Christian symbols/events.

photo credit: Earl Nottingham / TPWD

$6      3:00pm   Pictographs @ Painted Rock Viewing — One of the Top 10 Best Places in Texas to experience Native American rock drawings, there are an estimate 1,500 drawings spread over a half-mile dating back up to 1,000 years ago.
n/c     4:30pm   Sculpture Tour — See the Lady in Blue, Pearl of the Conchos’ Mermaid, and the Sculpture Garden.
$30e  7:00pm   Dinner @ The Cork & Pig Tavern — A runner-Up on Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Virginia Dalbeck offers farm-to-table southern cuisine
topped off with her famous beignets.
$71 Estimated Daily Subtotal ($16 set fees)


WEDNESDAY, July 22, 2020
Cost   Time       Description
$8        9:00am   Presentation @ Christoval Hummer House — Hummingbird sanctuary, home to Texas’ largest concentraion of breeding and nesting black-chinned hummingbirds as well as other varieties.
$10d  11:00am   Mt. Carmel Hermitage Guided Tour —See the chapel, bakery, grounds, Stations of the Cross, and Our Lady’s Way in a real hermitage. Shop handmade
gifts lovingly crafted by Carmelite monks.
$25e  12:00pm   Lunch with Tour @ Christoval Vineyard — Enjoy a glass of premium wine along with lunch at this 25-acre estate, a bit of the French Rhone Valley, deep
in the Heart of Texas. (Fee includes Lunch).
$8      2:00pm   Guided Tour Fort Concho National Historic Landmark — New home to the Cowboy Way Jubilee, step into the late 1800s of this Army Calvery post now a Museum. See 23 original & restored building home to the famous Buffalo Soldiers.
$5      3:00pm   The Railway Musuem of San Angelo Tour — Constructed in 1909 explore the Orient-Santa Fe Depot complete with railroad artifacts, exhibits, documents and s collection of real railway cars.
n/c     4:00pm   Angelo Civic Theatre Tour — This is the oldest continuous community theatre in the State of Texas. Tour the stage, performance area, dressing rooms, and browse the prop loft. Get ready to have a bunch of fun and be entertained!
$50e  7:00pm   Dinner @ Peasant Village Restaurant — Set in a 1927 bungalow, join Chef Jason Helfer in a sophisticated menu of old-world cuisine.
$106 Estimated Daily Subtotal ($56 set fees, includes lunch w/tip)

Tour Accounting
$263 Tours’ Estimated Grand Total ($82 mandatory includes Tuesday Lunch + meals–estimated)
$47 Bus Fee & Driver Tip
$20 Miss Sunshine Tour Guide Fee
Estimated Tour Grand Total: $325.00


$155 Reservation Total
$78 Reservation Deposit, $77 balance due by June 29, 2020.

For the actual Tour Dates, please bring cash for meals, approximately $200.00 total, as it is not feasible to ring up so many individual charges. Thank You!

How It Works:

Email with “Discover Tour” in the subject line. Provide your name, telephone number, and email address. Make checks payable to “Cowboy Way” & mail reservation deposit to “Discover Tour,” 1176 Comet Rd., Ardmore, OK 73401. For credit card payments, phone 580.768.5559 (8am–8pm CST).