Cowboy Way Jubilee

Kristyn Harris & Mark “Festus” Staggs chat about the Cowboy Way Jubilee

Promoting the Cowboy Way
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Welcome to the
Cowboy Way Jubilee!
July 23–26, 2020!


5pm July 23 and All Day July 24-26,
NORMALLY held the First Weekend in May,

Fort Concho, a National Historic Landmark
630 S. Oakes, San Angelo, Texas

It’s a Modern Day Wild West Show Experience!

2020 Official Covid-19 New Dates Announcement

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Please be aware, NO Banquet tickets will be available after July 8, 2020!

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WHAT is the Cowboy Way Jubilee? Why it’s 3 days of Everything Cowboy! Think of it as a modern day version of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show — there will be Stars, and Authors, and Workshops, and Demos. We’ll have Cowboy Music all day every day — that’s the “western” part of “Country and Western” — it’s a bit jazzy, a bit blue grass, a bit blues, and nearly always a ballad, certainly poetic. Toss in a bit of yodeling and fiddle playing and you’ve got the idea!

We play old movies and TV series episodes (all westerns of course) and talk about them @ the Forsaken Westerns Film Festival (complete with a new film premiere). You can dress up in period costume–from the 1800s to the early 1900s, it’s all appropriate & there’ll be a contest! Most Authentic Male and Most Authentic Female get a plaque and braggin rights!

There’s a chuck wagon ‘cookie’, food and vendors, and poets and cowboys (cowgirls, too) spinnin ol’ yarns (that’s storytelling for you citified folk). So get ready to bring the entire family for a step back into the old west. It’s “Be A Cowboy” weekend!

The Cowboy Way Jubilee is meant for the whole family — from great grand pappy all the way down to little Junior and guess what?! ALL KIDS are Admitted for FREE!!!! 100% of kids, any of ’em under age 18, no admission fee, nada, zero, zip! There maybe be fees for workshops or special movies, but all kids can hob nob with the stars, watch reenactments, and listen to music completely free!

2020 Confirmed Celebrities

ALL Celebrity appearances are based on their availability (and health) at the time of the actual event. To see a list and bios for our 2019 Celebrities simply go to the drop down above and select that page.

2020 Celebrities

Cindy Mitchum Azbill

Producer/ Hollywood Family

Lisa Belcher (Confirmed)Javelina Run, The Gift (Director)

Chris “Booger” Brown (Confirmed)

Cowboy Way: Alabama

Randy Boone (Confirmed)The Virginian, Cimarron Strip

John Buttram (Confirmed)Bill Tilghman & The Outlaws

Robert Carradine (Confirmed)The Cowboys, Bill Tilghman & The Outlaws

Gary Clarke (Confirmed)The Virginian, Tombstone

Don Collier (Confirmed)

The High Chaparrel, Tombstone

Alex Cord (Invited)Stagecoach, Air Wolf

James Drury, Rest in Peace Boss Man!Mr. Drury passed away April 5, 2020.
There will be a Memorial Service, Friday, July 24 @ 7pm during the
2020 Cowboy Way Jubilee in his remembrance. Semi-Private.
Contact Leslei Fisher to attend.
The Virginian, Men From Shiloh

Ken Farmer (Confirmed)Walker, Texas Ranger, Rockabilly Baby

Kathy Garver (Confirmed)

Sissy on Family Affair

Family Affair, Death Valley Days

Burton Gilliam (Confirmed)Blazing Saddles, Bail Out

Clu Gulager (Confirmed)The Virginian, The Tall Man

Darby Hinton (Confirmed)Daniel Boone, Bill Tilghman & the Outlaws

Charlie LeSueur (Rest in Peace Dear Pal!)Charlie passed away November 10th, 2019 & is Sorely Missed!

Dean Reading (Confirmed)

Crossroads Live!

Roberta Shore (Confirmed)The Virginian, The Shaggy Dog

Buck Taylor (Invited — we’re still hoping!)

Buck Taylor as “Newly” in Gunsmoke

The Virginian, Men From Shiloh

Lana Wood (Confirmed)The Searchers, Grayeagle, Bill Tilghman & The Outlaws


Kristyn Harris in Concert 9pm, Friday, July 24, 2020

2019 American Idol® contestant, Kristyn Harris is becoming a Western genre Star! Bold, robust, and full of energy, no one sings “I’ve Been Everywhere” faster! We are delighted she has agreed to be a Cowboy Way Jubilee regular.

have guitar, will travel

Martin & Pratt Duo in Concert, 9pm Saturday, July 25, 2020

Cowboy to the core, Gary S. Pratt is a ranch manager during the days, and Musician, Songwriter, and Story Teller the rest of the time. His strong voice plucks up deep memories of our past. Young Caleb Martin joins Gary lending his considerable skills to traditional cowboy music of old and new. Caleb Martin is a rising star in the world of Western Entertainment. Watch this cowboy actor/singer/musician rise.

Gary S. Pratt
Caleb Martin

Stephen Pride in Concert, 7pm Saturday, July 25, 2020

Stephen Pride is a consummate musician with a deep sound who hails from a musical family. The youngest brother of Country great, Charley Pride, Stephen delights all with his renditions of Classic Country music. And much of it he performs as well or better than the original!

Stephen Pride


Authors & Look-a-likes attending for 2020 can be found at the end of the Celebrity page.

2020 Event Performers can be found by clicking here.


Note: all celebrity and performers appearances are posted in good faith–health and work schedules permitting.

For more info or questions, email, or call or text Leslei Fisher 580.768.5559

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