Cowboy Way Jubilee

Promoting the Cowboy Way
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Welcome to the Cowboy Way Jubilee!
Our next event is April 30 to May 3, 2020!

(First Weekend in May)

3 Rootin’ Tootin’, High-Falutin’, Fun-Filled Days

2020 Location TBD (Southern Oklahoma/North Texas)

Pre-Registration for the 2020 CW Jubilee will be posted on this website once it is available. We are looking for a location that offers us protection from the tumultuous spring weather while still affording a Cowboy-ish atmosphere. Check back here frequently as we will update at the first moment possible!

Check out the links on the Registration page for more info on the location!

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WHAT is the Cowboy Way Jubilee? Why it’s 3 days of Everything Cowboy! Think of it as Comic-Con for Cowboys — there’ll be Stars, and Authors, and Workshops, and Demos. We’ll have Cowboy Music all day every day — that’s the “western” part of “Country and Western” — it’s a bit jazzy, a bit blue grass, a bit blues, and nearly always a ballad, certainly poetic. Toss in a bit of yodeling and fiddle playing and you’ve got the idea! We play old movies and tv series episodes (all westerns of course) and talk about them. You can dress up in period costume–from the 1800s to the early 1900s, it’s all appropriate. There’s food and vendors, and poets and cowboys (or girls) spinnin ol’ yarns (that’s storytelling for you citified folk). Well behaved pets on a leash are welcome, they’re part of the family, too. So get ready to bring the entire family for a rootin’ tootin’, high falutin’ fun filled weekend!

The Cowboy Way Jubilee is meant for the whole family — from great grand pappy all the way down to little Junior and guess what?! ALL KIDS are Admitted for FREE!!!! 100% of kids, any of ’em under age 18, no admission fee, nada, zero, zip! There maybe be fees for workshops or special movies if we bring them in, but all kids can hob nob with the stars and listen to music completely free!

2020 Celebrity Invites are just going out. As soon as they are confirmed we will post them here. To see a list and bios for our 2019 Celebrities simply go to the drop down above and select that page.

2020 Confirmed:

Penny Gilley in Concert, Saturday May 2, 2020 (time TBD)

Star of the Penny Gilley Show on RFD-TV will be in concert with her band, ticket information to be announced soon.

Penny Gilley

Authors & Look-a-likes attending for 2019 can be found at the end of this page (click here).

2019 Event Performers can be found by clicking here.


Note: all celebrity and performers appearances are posted in good faith–health and work schedules permitting.

For more info or questions, email, or call or text Leslei Fisher 580.768.5559

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